Thursday, April 28th 2011

PowerColor Launches HD 6770 and HD 6750 Graphics Cards

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today released advanced gaming video cards: the PowerColor HD6700 series. Compatible with all the latest technology, the PowerColor HD6700 series includes HD6770 and HD6750, enabling the immersive HD gaming experience like never before.

PowerColor HD6770 has 800 stream processors, clocks in at 850MHz core speed and 1200MHz of memory speed; easily boost up your gaming rig with 1.36 teraFLOPs of computing Power. The PowerColor HD6750 clocks at 700MHz core and 1000MHz memory, with 1GB GDDR5 onboard memory, delivering a faster speed and higher bandwidths to accelerate the PC and enhance the gaming performance.
“The PowerColor HD6770 series has announced with excellent performance, reasonable price and qualified product design,” says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “There’s no doubt that it’ll be the most recommended performance product now.”

The PowerColor HD6700 series supports the DirectX 11 technology, ready to tackle all the demanding games at HD resolutions and high settings; also, it is compatible with AMD APP acceleration technology, allows demanding data parallel compute tasks from the CPU to GPU, speeds up the daily application and do more with your PC. Furthermore, the latest HD6700 series supports AMD HD3D technology, enabling a stereoscopic 3D display being presented in a manner that creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth.

For more information, visit the product pages of PowerColor HD 6770 and HD 6750.
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Performance Enthusiast
Juniper strikes again! as long as the price is right these cards are still formidable.
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Wait a few more months.
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