Friday, February 23rd 2007

Power Consumption of today's consoles

Gaming consoles are getting more and more popular these days. That is not only because the integrated hardware is fast and games will be compatible for years but they are much more than a stupid gaming box. You can play movies utilitzing CDs, DVDs or even Blu-Ray discs, surf the net and whatnot. But what about their power consumption? All these shiny features won't come for free, do they? Now the guys from HardCoreWare come into play. They took a PS3, a Wii and a XBOX 360, fired them up with different tasks and compared the power consumption to a mid sized gaming rig. You will be surprised with what conclusion they came up with.Source: HardCoreWare
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Semi-Retired Folder

Though I would have liked it better if an all in one PC gaming solution, like a laptop, was thrown in the mix also. Perhaps with the screen turned off and an external monitor used since the others don't have a screen attached. That might be even more interesting to see.
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Bird of Prey
Good lord the PS3 is right below the PC in terms of POWER and POWER USAGE. MUHAHAHA! Imagine running everything with the power of the Wii in your house, elec bills would be like $50 USD!!!
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where the hell are my stars
the PS3 will drop when the 65nm cell chips get shoved in them. on another note they used an extremely high end machine to get PC results a A64 X2 5000+ would have given a much better result and the game performance would be very similar.
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Lucky I have a wii I guess. Not that i've ever cared about power consumption.
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