Wednesday, March 14th 2007

Intel Builds Another China Fab

Intel Corp has won approval to build a $2.5 billion, 12-inch wafer plant in northern China for CPU chip sets, according to a statement issued Tuesday from China's National Development and Reform Commission. The plant would use 90-nanometer technology and produce 52,000 wafers a month at full capacity, according to the NDRC, which is China's top planning group. The plan calls for the fab to be in the city of Dalian. According to sources familiar with the project, official announcement is expected from Intel in the next few weeks. At this stage, Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said, "We have announced no plans and will not comment on speculation of this nature". Click here if you want to read the full story.Source: EETimes
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The article holds a few very interesting points I didn't know about yet.
If true, the development could have wide-ranging impact on the US semiconductor industry. The US government exercises tight control over the export of advanced high-tech manufacturing techniques, and that should restrict Intel from using anything under 0.18 micron in China. Even its NOR flash is made on more advanced processes.
Didn't know that, which was why I was wondering why Intel would build a 90nm FAB, if they are doing 65nm now, and will introduce 45nm later this year (afaik).

There is a link in the article to the details:
The changes, championed by the Bush administration, may fall into place as early as April and are intended to cast a wider net over commercial technology products that might make a "material contribution" to the ad- vancement of China's military. The proposal, known as the "military catchall," is pitting hawks in the administration against U.S. tech interests that fear a crippling impact on their business with China.
All that is left to say just has to be flamebait (


PS: Yes, quoting the article was necessary because I KNOW, that quite a few people will, or would have not read the article :P
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Bird of Prey
I Was gonna ask why they are using a 90NM architecture (process) when they are on 65nm and moving to 45nm later this year. I didnt know the Bush administration had anything to do with CPUS! ::rofl::
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