Thursday, July 19th 2007

Samsung Announces Intel Certified 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM

Samsung Electronics announced the availability of its new 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM certified by Intel. Samsung technicians state that processing 1Gb DDR2 DRAMs in the 50nm range doubles productivity and improves the production efficiency by 50% in comparison to a 1Gb DDR2 DRAM fabricated using 80nm process technology. Samsung’s 50nm-class DRAM processing technology will be used not only in DDR2 but also in DDR3, GDDR4 , GDDR5 and mobile DRAM.Source: Aving
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6 Comments on Samsung Announces Intel Certified 50nm-class DDR2 DRAM

you spelled technicians wrong.

On the other hand, this is good news! it means a price drop for samsung DDR2 is on the way, and cheap ram is good ram!
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Mussels said:
you spelled technicians wrong
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Well you did understand the meaning didnt you ? :)

Honestly guys im posting so many things and i type so fast that i cant always double check everything. Sorry.
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Did i see......GDDR5?
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Yeap....Samsung announced the GDDR5 research a few months ago.
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Bird of Prey
Thats just crazy. Lower heat output and better OCability. Thats what Im talking about.
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