Wednesday, March 26th 2008

Dell Prepares E6400 ATG

Dell has a semi-rugged notebook planned, dubbed the "E6400 ATG". The laptop should offer increased durability at little compromise to size and weight. It will either come with 14.1" WXGA normal or touch screen (with brightness 750cd/m2 or 650cd/m2, respectively}. The notebook will be dust-proof, shock-proof, and spill-proof to military standards.

The E6400 ATG will be an addition to Dell's line-up and will not replace the fully-rugged XFR D630.

Source: Engadget
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Bird of Prey
Looks like the company I work for will be getting these in addition to the newly redesigned and configured Dell M90s.
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Day 1 purchase for me. :toast: I held off on the Vostro's because they felt too cheap. I returned a Vostro 1500 when the left mouse button quit working within 10 days. :rolleyes:
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