Tuesday, August 11th 2009

Lian Li Launches the All New Tyr PC-X1000 Stylish Midi-Tower Chassis

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd Ltd has launched the the Tyr PC-X1000 chassis designed as a stylish midi-tower chassis. The Tyr PC-X1000 follows in the prestigious footsteps of its predecessors, namely the PC-X500 and the PC-X2000. Both of a controversial design with side mounted ODD bays. The PC-X1000 however has three traditional front mounted ODD bays as well as three front mounted 140mm fans down the front of the case. Similarly, the PC-X1000 has specific heat zones to isolate and extract heat more efficiently. The lower region is for HDD's and the PSU, the central region is for the motherboard and all daughter cards including graphics. The topmost zone is for ODD's and additional HDD's. Some unique features include the completely tool-less design, the best side panel case entry latch and special mounting bays for 2.5" SSD drives. The Tyr PC-X1000 is destined to become your next powe r-user Chassis allowing unprecedented high performance components to be encompassed in a stylish minimalistic midi-tower chassis.
Zone 1
Lian Li is well known for craftsmanship and quality, and the Tyr PC-X1000 is no exception. The topmost zone is designed to encompass three ODDs, and behind them, the removable HDD cage is situated. The modular HDD cage can contain 3x 3.5" HDDs with special patented rubberized mountings to protect against vibration noise and sudden jarring. The 140mm extraction fan creates the necessary heat extraction point to make sure your rig is cooled quietly and adequately.

Zone 2
The middle zone is the area which requires the most cooling. Housing an ATX sized motherboard as well as area large enough to fit extra long graphic cards, the PC-X1000 has plenty of room and support. With additional Lian Li touches like opened areas for easy install and uninstall of heatsink plates, usually situated under motherboards, as well as a support bar to take the load off your heavy graphics cards. Further features include the all new PCI locking mechanism which secures PCI cards fast without the need for tools. The 140mm extraction fan directly adjacent to the CPU region is ideal to keep the hot air out. In addition the two 140mm intake fans draw cool air directly onto the hot main components. A nice extra touch is the two 2.5" SSD bay racks which are conveniently placed for ease of use and convenience.

Zone 3
The lowest zone also has a 140mm intake fan, as well as a modular HDD cage supporting 3x 3.5" HDDs. The power supply can fit in snugly, and is held in place by the patented PSU clip bracket giving a tool-less hold on something that is usually tricky to install. This tool-less implementation is the only such solution available on the market at present. The large area in the PSU region can also support Lian Li's latest L-ATX factor PSU, which uses larger casing and direct tunnel airflow in their own brand PSUs.

The Zones and Cooling
The multi-heat zones are ideal for power systems in that they cool everything down fairly rapidly. The introduction of a continuous direct flow of cool air, while the hot air is extracted fast and efficiently ensures that your components have a longer lifetime and better optimal conditions for their optimal use. The entire airflow is controlled by a three speed fan controller @800-980-1200RPM which is mounted on the rear. All fans in the front are mounted on removable brackets and can be removed by thumb screws. The removable and washable air filters clip into the brackets and are removed quite easily. For those of you who do water cooling, there are also two rubberized opening for your LCS tubing.

The PCI brackets when not in use have vented grills which facilitate in airflow through the case. There is an additional vent at the base of the case to facilitate cool airflow for the PSU. The vent has a removable washable filter.

More features includ e support for ATX, and Micro-ATX motherboards, 8x PCI slots, water cooling support (holes for water pipes). The PSU is mounted with anti-vibration and insulated rubber strips on the mounting platforms.

The essence of Lian-Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

For more details on features and extras available for the Tyr PC-X1000, please visit this page. A YouTube video presentation of the same can be viewed here.
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16 Comments on Lian Li Launches the All New Tyr PC-X1000 Stylish Midi-Tower Chassis

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Xtreme Refugee
hat said:
the whole tyr line is amazing...until you see the price ;)
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Oh sweet another steel box thats outrageosly overpriced...lol!!! im just jealous that i cant have one...but im happy with my armor series case...
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before i got my cosmos S i was looking at the TYR-500 (i think that was the model number)... was going to get it too till i found out that long PSU's dont fit... then decided on the Cosmos S and very glad i did... weighs a ton like youd expect a steel case to i guess but that dont bother me. This does look very good though
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That actually looks quite nice.
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I'm the only one
Looks sweet,and its another aluminium box :p
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Unpaid Babysitter
I was also going to make an aluminum comment:)

my main comment is that while this chassis is cool in concept, its tall skinny nature is really awkward looking, at least in the box it is, I haven't opened mine yet:)
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sneekypeet said:
I haven't opened mine yet:)
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
Way to tall for my tastes, but very roomy.

Parts should stay very well ventilated in that case.

Your going to have to sell organs to get one tho.
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CDdude55 said:
Your going to have to sell organs to get one tho.
Or sell sneekypeet your soul ;)
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There is a gap between each 5.25" bays. It seems dual bay item like reservoir won't fit into this case.
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iiee said:
There is a gap between each 5.25" bays. It seems dual bay item like reservoir won't fit into this case.
Thats not a gap.. if u look u can see buttons under them. They are Drive covers, so u press the button the cover flips down n the tray comes out.
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Bird of Prey
Its actually taller looking than a normal Mid tower. Looks as tall as my full tower HAF 932. I like it and would actually get it, but my case is so kick ass, I don't need another. Well maybe the CM ATCS 840 :p
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Too big for my likes.
But I've never liked full towers, anyways.
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Video Review here. Lian Li definitely holds the title for tooless expansion slot retention clips, very sturdy and all their new cases are coming with them even the Lancool series.
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