Thursday, August 20th 2009

AMD ''Juniper'' Accelerator Pictured

Remember this backroom photoshoot by our friends at Legit Reviews, where AMD refused to let the the DirectX 11 accelerator face the camera? A photographer in China was luckier, and grabbed three pictures of the rest of the accelerator, intact. As it turns out, the card is based on AMD's next generation successor to the 40 nm RV740, codenamed "Juniper". The pictures reveal quite a bit about the card, which inherits quite some of its design from the Radeon HD 4770.

The cooler resembles the one found on Radeon HD 4770 (reference), and Radeon HD 3870, albeit opaque black. With the 40 nm GPU running presumably cool, its air vent on the rear panel is reduced in size, and makes way for an arsenal of connectivity that includes two DVI-D connectors, and one each of HDMI and DisplayPort, just as pictured earlier. The PCB is black in color, holds memory on either sides. The card draws its power from one 6-pin PCI-E power connector. Expect a lot more about this as we head toward September 10, when AMD plans to unveil its next-generation GPU technology. Juniper is part of AMD's "Evergreen" family of DirectX 11 compliant GPUs.

Source: ChipHell
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