Thursday, October 22nd 2009

Mionix Launches New Sargas Gaming Mousepad in 3 Sizes

Mionix, manufacturer of professional high-end gaming gear today announced their new gaming mousepad Mionix Sargas, an uncoated gaming mousepad with a unique micro fibre technology that gives more control over the movements without compromising tracking performance. Mionix Sargas comes in 3 sizes, to meet the requirements from all type of gaming styles and desktop size.

The Mionix Sargas is made of a durable cloth material with slightly more friction than coated mousepads. A special micro fibre surface counteracts data loss and improves the sensor tracking performance. The underside is made of a rubber-based material offering a firm grip irrespective of the surface under the mousepad or extensive movements.
  • Micro fiber surface to improve the sensor tracking performance
  • Optimized friction to improve the control over the movements
  • Rubber-based underside for a firm grip on all surfaces
  • Available in three different sizes
The Mionix Sargas is available immediately.
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3 Comments on Mionix Launches New Sargas Gaming Mousepad in 3 Sizes

might wana rethink giving a gaming pad the same name as an entry level single core
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i have a mionix mousepad and they are very nice to use. Nice quality and material. The reviews of there other products give them very nice reviews with high scores.
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Bird of Prey
Fibre, makes me say FI breee. HA HA, sorry had to do that. Any pricing details on these?
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