Thursday, November 19th 2009

Galaxy Prepares Special Dual-GPU Accelerator

After AMD completed its mid-thru-high end product launches under its DirectX 11 compliant Radeon HD 5000 series, it looks like NVIDIA eased up restrictions for partners to design high-end dual-GPU accelerators. ASUS had launched a limited-edition accelerator making use of two GeForce GTX 285 GPUs, but limited quantities, and other factors which we're not aware of, may have influenced the company to sell it for over $1000 a piece. Galaxy, for one, is second in line, with a single-PCB dual-GPU graphics accelerator, which it reportedly plans to release before Christmas.

For now, the card exists only in its drawings and CAD designs. The PCB layout drawing shows the card have a layout similar to the single-PCB GeForce GTX 295. With space for 16 memory chips on the obverse side and a backplate in the CAD design, it is deduced that the card has 512-bit memory interfaces per GPU, and hence could be a dual GeForce GTX 285 accelerator, much like the ASUS MARS dual-285. The cooler looks to have independent coolers over each GPU with circular heatsinks that have radially-projecting fins, and a baseplate to cool other components. Galaxy wants this to be a Christmas special. Here's hoping it doesn't draw inspiration from the ASUS MARS as far as pricing is concerned.

Source: Expreview
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What a waste of RnD funds. I mean... a thousand bucks for something a 600 buck card (5970) can out perform?
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pr0n Inspector
Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
What a waste of RnD funds. I mean... a thousand bucks for something a 600 buck card (5970) can out perform?
Read the article again.

Also, right now the only Cypress cards left are those with ridiculously jacked-up prices. There weren't even enough chips to make 5800s, and now 5970? Good thinking.:rolleyes:
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HalfAHertz said:
Wow talk about a blast from the past! Is this the first dual solution from ati?
Don't know if ATI even worked with Sapphire with it, did they? Might've been just Sapphire.

Of course, not of these compares to the special edition tri-core Asus 3850 we all remember:,7543.html

Why? Just because they could.
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