Friday, December 18th 2009

GELID Launches WING 12 PL PWM LED Case Fan

Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions launches their first 120mm LED fan in green or blue light with unique magnet bearing and PWM.

The WING 12 PL features a unique Nanoflux bearing which ensures a friction-free and silent operation. Thanks to the clever design and magnetic bearing the impeller can be detached for easy cleaning. Additionally fan blade winglets were designed to achieve larger airflow and greater static pressure. In comparison to the multi-award winning Wing series the Wing 12 PL contains a premium PWM control so the temperature can be controlled precisely by the BIOS. LED lights in green or blue color were added to the WING 12 PL to give the fan a specific color.
The patented Nanoflux bearing (NFB) incorporates a clever magnetic design, very high precision manufacturing and runs friction-free and operates noiseless. Electromagnetic fields are exploited to keep solid parts from touching. The load is carried by a magnetic field. The Nanotechnology composite ensures lowest abrasion and extreme durability (MTTF 100’000 hours). The nano composite material is self lubricating Compared to conventional sleeve and ball bearings the high precision self-lubricated material of GELID Solutions Nanoflux bearing eliminates oil leakage.

“We created the Wing 12 PL especially for gamers and modders who are looking for a silent but colourful fan with unique features,” said VC Tran Marketing Director of GELID Solutions.

Wing 12 PL has a MSRP of USD 19 and EUR 13. These fans are RoHS, WEEE conform and carry a 3 year warranty.Source: GELID
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5 Comments on GELID Launches WING 12 PL PWM LED Case Fan

Any info on the actually specs?
Like Air Flow, pressure and noise?
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These fans are excellent. I have the previous series (a bunch of them) in my current build.... the UV series. The specs of those are the same as these. They push a moderate amount of air, but are very quiet, and of course the blades can easily (almost easily) be removed for cleanin'. I highly recommend them.
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Zubasa said:
Any info on the actually specs?
Like Air Flow, pressure and noise?
The fan speed range is 600-1800RPM,controlled by PWM:D
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Bird of Prey
good amount of airflow pushed and the price is pretty good as well, though Id love to see it around 12 bucks USD. I like the colors too, think I would go for blue. Now need to see some more variants in the 140mm segement and 250mm segment for my CM HAF 932 case.
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The Exiled Airman
how about an Imperial (USA) conversion please (CFM)
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