Wednesday, March 3rd 2010

QNAP Expands NAS Line And Shows Off New Software

The guys from QNAP do not have too much new stuff, but are filling in the blanks so to speak. They are now offering a five bay TS-559 Pro NAS storage, which fits right in-between the four and six bay variants already available. On the software front we got a quick intro to their upcoming web interface for their TS-110 and 210 units. This interface allows you to stream movies, music and pictures over a web interface and even grant access to specific folders and content to users of your choice thanks to a built-in user management interface. This software update should be available by the end of the month. We also got a quick peek at their four and eight bay server products, which fit in a 1U or 2U rack and are intended to be used as embedded storage for VMWare environments. These are called TS-459U-RP and TS-859U-RP respectively.
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