Wednesday, March 17th 2010

Sharkoon Announces Two New Stereo Headsets for Gamers

Sharkoon is expanding its "Rush" product line to now include two new stereo headsets, which provide a rich sound reproduction during play, but also offer Multimedia and voice applications such as VoIP or TeamSpeak. The compact and lightweight Sharkoon RHS100 with foldable neckband, cushioned ear pieces, and infinitely rotating microphone comes in flat black with bright optical accents in the typical Rush-orange application on both earpieces. With its built-in sound chip, the RHS100 is simply connected via the USB port on a PC or Notebook, replacing an absent or inferior soundcard, and saves time from having to switch the lengthy cable between the PC-speakers and headset. The speakers Bass effect can be controlled on the RHS100 through the switchable vibrations function. The Bass proportion can be regulated by the cable integrated controller between medium and maximum effect. The two meter long cable also functions with an included volume knob and an orange illuminating microphone mute. The required drivers for Windows 7, as well as configuration software, are provided on the Sharkoon website for download.
The noble Sharkoon RHS200 model offers a padded, adjustable headband and aural earphones provide comfort during prolonged periods of wear. Thanks to the open design of the padded earpieces, gamers can also sit around and not have to stress their ears furthermore to hear other gamer's offline. For a special look, the frame assumes a high-gloss design with luminous orange applications on the earpieces. The pivoting microphone is equipped with a mute button on the cable controller. The connection to a PC or Notebook occurs through a 3.5mm stereo jack.

Sharkoon RHS100 Gaming Stereo USB Headset with Vibrations effect and foldable Neckband: MSRP 23.49 euros / Sharkoon RHS200 Gaming Stereo Headset with 3.5mm Stereo jack and padded Headband: MSRP 18.49 euros.
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