Monday, May 3rd 2010

TechPowerUp and ASUS Hardware Giveaway Results for March-April 2010 Announced

The results are out for the first round (period from late March thru all of April) in running of the ASUS and TechPowerUp Hardware Giveaway. The giveaway is an ongoing event for users of TechPowerUp GPU-Z, brought to you by ASUS. In each of the three months this giveaway is spread across, we will pick six lucky winners who win some groovy prizes from ASUS. This month's winners and prizes are as follows:
  • Jacob from Vietnam wins ASUS ROG Matrix HD 5870 graphics card
  • Radek from The Czech Republic wins ASUS ROG Rampage II Extreme motherboard
  • Janusz from Poland wins ASUS 23" LCD Screen
  • ASUS Blu-Ray DVDROM was won by:
  • o Matt from United States
    o Johannes from Germany
    o Daryl from The Philippines
ASUS will contact the following individuals directly and arrange shipping of these prizes. This month's round saw over 40,000 entries. Best of luck for this month's round, if you have already made a submission in this round, you don't need to make a submission again. Being an ongoing contest, winners are picked from an ever-growing pool of submissions. Redundant entries are disqualified. Good Luck for this month's round. Below is a nerdtastic map of where the contest's participants hail from.
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37 Comments on TechPowerUp and ASUS Hardware Giveaway Results for March-April 2010 Announced

Jacob can 'sleep peacefully waiting for call of duty black ops with his brand new 5870.

I do not want to create discussions, but to win prizes more 'expensive are people who live in less developed countries and I think they have more' needs.

We could just let us win a keychain or a bag.
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congrats to winners!
and congrats jacob! repping the viets! =D
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Congrats to all the winners, past, present and future :toast:

Man, that *cough* hi-rez map has a lot of red on it, wonder where all the Nvidia users are? :laugh:
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what a supprise no uk winners , anyways well done to the winners . well it they are real that is
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Wile E
Power User
Cold Storm said:
Congrats on the winners.. Wile, why do you need a hi res picture of the map? you can see that there isn't really any Europe left on the map. Just a plague of red.. lol
Cause I like maps?
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Well at least someone from the Philippines won. :p (Not me though :( )
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o Johannes from Germany ->thats me, i cant believe it!
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Oh my God! Just received an email from ASUS yesterday, I can't believe that was me, won a ROG Matrix HD5870!:banghead:
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H82LUZ73 said:
Say who is that poor soul in the North Pole almost,damn better send him a ASUS GTX480 to keep warm.:laugh::D
That's one of Qaanaaq's whole 645 inhabitants. Or one of Thule Air Base's flyboys :p
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Shame none of the temporary inhabitants of Antarctica submitted entries. :p
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How do i get my gift? All the Mails are didn't say me that!
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LionelHudz said:
How do i get my gift? All the Mails are didn't say me that!
you should have received an email from asus, reply back, tell them the shipping address
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