Sunday, May 30th 2010

Computex 2010 - We Are Here

So, the temperatures are rising and we have made our way to Taipei for Computex 2010. The next few days are full of meetings to take a look at some of the things the industry has to offer. Stay tuned on for all the news, real pictures and information about the newest gadgets, hardware and technologies. We will also be updating our Twitter TechPowerUp from time to time with some behind the scenes info and happenings as we go along, so make sure to follow us there as well.Source: TechPowerUp
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13 Comments on Computex 2010 - We Are Here

Bird of Prey
Woo hoo, dont forget the girls, err pics of the new tech :)
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Cold Storm
WOOOT!!! Love the title DS. :toast:

Can't wait to see all the pictures! At lease W1zzard can't relive the "hangover" there..
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Woot time to see a 5890!
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v12dock said:
Woot time to see a 5890!
You will have to sit for a long time, it seems ATI has no plans for ir.

Also TPU twiter, awesome, at least one account i can follow
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!

Computex is awesome.:rockout:
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Hope there is more interesting stuff besides GTX 465 launch and you tell us all about them! :)

Enjoy the girls, gadgets and drinks in that order :p
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once again the time has come for my favorite tech show. cant wait to see the coverage ! :D
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oh yeah! have fun and take lots of pics of the new girls er i mean tech:o
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Ohh yeah! Can't wait to see the pics! All the new tech and the babes! :D
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yea more boothbabes who thing they are hot but not :P
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Will you guys have a booth or something? I'd love to pick up a Techpowerup shirt or something. I'm gonna try and make it on Thursday. If you see me say hi!!
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hopefully some nice stuff this year, not just ipad wannabe's and netbooks like last year.
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