Monday, May 31st 2010

OCZ Technology Ready with SandForce Driven RevoDrive PCI-Express SSD

OCZ Technology is ready with a new PCI-Express SSD that harnesses the power of SandForce SSD processors. Called the RevoDrive, the drive's design is based around placing two SF-1200 driven SSDs onto an addon card, connected to a RAID controller, which connects to the system bus over PCI-Express x4. The internal RAID 0 volume can stay abstract to the host. It is expected to be bootable.

The drive makes use of Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash chips, and can churn out transfer rates of 540 MB/s read and 490 MB/s write. It will be available in capacities of 120 GB and 240 GB, which will be priced at around 433€ and 757€, respectively. Although SandForce driven SSDs are popular for their high-performance and TRIM support on Windows 7, when working in RAID, the TRIM feature is said to not work in RAID. This means that the RevoDrive is as good as any two SSDs in RAID 0.

Source: Anandtech
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pretty speedy I must say :D
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pr0n Inspector
btarunr said:
as good as any two SSDs in RAID 0.
Well doh it IS two SSDs in RAID 0 :wtf:
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Editor & Senior Moderator
pr0n Inspector said:
Well doh it IS two SSDs in RAID 0 :wtf:
But it's sold as 1 SSD. 1 piece.
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The Exiled Airman
Major Change- FAN SINK and SLC Arch.
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eidairaman1 said:
Major Change- FAN SINK and SLC Arch.
yes please!!!
if that were the case i'd take two.. thank you kindly good sir :D
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these cards are much bigger than a regular SSD, i always figured they'd be able to cram like 768gb of memory on em but its capacity for its size is still quite small. is it bc they have to include the sata controller chip or w/e on the board?
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^ Physical size doesn't have to do with capacity. There are DOMs (smaller than 2.5" form) and 1.8" form SSDs that hold just as much.

A card that size probably allows them to release the 120GB/240GB models now, and offer larger sizes later with the same PCB and design as prices/demand change. Also, those capacities are pretty good for most people. We're just used to large amounts of storage here at TPU.
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I'm not so keen of this idea. Many people like to use multiple video cards, and most motherboards don't have x4 slots, only x1 slots and regular PCI-slots in addition to the x16 slots. Where as in normal motherboards, there should be enough SATA-ports to spare. The price isn't that good either. You could get two OCZ Agility 2 Extended 60GB SSDs, which use the same controller (Sandforce SF-1200) for 370€.
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