Thursday, July 15th 2010

Apricorn Announces Aegis Bio 640 GB Biometrics-Protected Portable HDD

Apricorn, the leader in personal storage, today announced a NEW larger 640GB capacity to their Aegis Bio product line, a hardware-encrypted biometric hard drive that allows users to securely access their files with the swipe of a finger. Offering unparalleled security with a 1-2 punch, the Aegis Bio's biometric fingerprint sensor restricts unauthorized access to the drive while the Bio's real-time 128-bit AES hardware encryption protects all data on the drive - even if the drive is dismantled. With prices for the new 640GB capacity retailing at just $159, the Aegis Bio's cutting-edge security is an affordable solution for both large and small companies alike as they grapple with the problem of keeping their data safe.

"With several of the largest data breaches of 2010 involving lost or stolen portable storage devices, the need for secure portable storage has never been greater," said Mike McCandless, VP of Sales and Marketing at Apricorn. "As more employees take their work on the road or between home and office, companies are looking for secure ways to keep their proprietary and customer data safe, and the Aegis Bio delivers on this need."
The Aegis Bio incorporates multiple layers of protection into its compact, rugged design, starting with hardware-based Biometric protection with UPEK's TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor. This state-of-the-art Digital ID Hardware Engine allows access to the Aegis Bio via a simple swipe of your finger. The Aegis Bio can also securely log in to your favorite sites with UPEK's Protector Suite Token software: a great feature as employees work with more accounts online. By using your fingerprint to login to your favorite sites, your sensitive login data is protected from malicious key logging programs, giving an added layer of protection.

Once your fingerprint is registered, the Aegis Bio can be used on any USB-equipped computer, making it the perfect option for taking sensitive data between work and home. All data on the drive is protected with real-time 128-bit AES hardware encryption via an Oxford Semiconductor storage controller chip, meaning that even if the fingerprint sensor is bypassed, the data on the drive remains impenetrable.

"With portable drives needing to carry more personal data, the move to carry a higher capacity was a natural one," said Michelle Fischer, Marketing Manager. "Our customers communicated a need for larger capacities with our biometric encrypted drives so we made sure that we were able to respond to that need. As our secure hard drive line becomes standardized for many of our corporate and government customers, the ability to grow with their capacity needs is an important one."

In addition to biometric security and hardware encryption, the bus-powered Aegis Bio features an integrated USB 2.0 cable (eliminating the need to carry around bulky USB cables), an auxiliary power Y-cable, software CD, a neoprene travel pouch and Quick Start Guide.

Availability and Pricing
Apricorn's Aegis Bio is currently available for purchase at resellers throughout the U.S., Canada and online.
  • 250GB - $119
  • 320GB - $129
  • 500GB - $149
  • 640GB - $159
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*accidentally cuts himself on the index finger*
*thinks about the pr0n collection stashed on the "protected" hdd*
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uhhh.... (takes the drive out of the external casing) No?
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All data on the drive is protected with real-time 128-bit AES hardware encryption...
This renders all the data on the drive a useless pile of bits, so either they provide a password (equal to your finger data) protected backup utility or you can register more than one finger. If none of this options are available this device, IMHO, is useless.
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Maybe you CAN use more than one finger. :) Otherwise it IS nonsense... or intended for 007/Mission Impossible fetishists... and it self-destructs in smoke :p
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