Saturday, July 31st 2010

PowerColor Releases HD 5770 Single-Slot Graphics Card

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today added a slim solution to the HD5700 series: the HD5770 Single Slot Edition. The latest variation uses a single-slot fan design that enables users with limited space in their cases to build performance centric rigs. The HD5770 single slot edition can maximize your rig's performance by providing the possibility for gamers to upgrade their rig without compromising space.

PowerColor's HD5770 Single Slot Edition clocks in at 850MHz core speed and 1200MHz of memory speed. The one slot cooling design optimizes air flow and cools down the temperature efficiently, enabling high gaming performance the likes that have never before been seen in a slim design. The special fan design also provides the potential for gamers to set up a 4-way Crossfire graphics love fest.
"The HD5770 single slot design offers a unique option in performance for our product lineup," says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. "We can fulfill the endless desire for performance and multi-function when space is a premium."

PowerColor HD5770 Single Slot Edition will be available on Aug 13th.
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26 Comments on PowerColor Releases HD 5770 Single-Slot Graphics Card

I bet that fan will be pretty noisy.
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I think people who are forced to use a single slot card won't mind the noise if it means better performance.
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Not bad to have a single slot graphic card with such performance. The last one was what, GTX 260 single slot? Or was it 8800GT? I mean not some special limited edition single slot version that was only sampled in 5 pieces total.
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habe fidem
9800GTs I think were the last that were very common. I had a pair and they did run a little hot :(

Is there still a six pin PCIe on this one?
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My HD 4850 is a reference design from Asus and has a single-slot cooling solution approximately that size... damn noisy, and it can't cool the GPU very good.
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Short, single-slot, and they kept both X fingers on it?! Heck, I want to buy 4 to give them some business! (even if I ended up WCing them all).
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Freaking awesome. It'd be great for HTPC's that just don't have enough space for a 2 slot wide card. :D
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i know a few lan systems that would love a card like this.
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This card would had been handy to me a few days ago... :ohwell:
This one will be more expensive than any other...right?
I mean, the cooler is smaller and all, but since it's a special feature, marketing will pull the cash on this one, I'm sure...

Good to know powercolor can still be able to surprise me...
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This is now the fastest single-slot card ever.

That's cool.
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The fastest NON-watercooled single slot card, not the fastest single sllot card
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Semi-Retired Folder
Very nice, would be great for those mATX Crossfire LAN Rigs, leaving the extra slots open for sound cards and such.

Two of these, an eVGA P55 Micro, an i3 550, and ASUS Xonar, and a cut down GT240 for PhysX all stuffed into a mATX case would make a killer sleeper LAN rig.
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(FIH) The Don
yes it takes a 6pin pci-e

but i think its awesome, + the 5770 was pretty cool i think

much cooler than 4850, 260, 9800 etc
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I really, really want to see a SLI able single slot GTX 460. Someone has to be working on that right?
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o_O hmm 4 way CF is looking good with these I could do it with the current stock of twin slot coolers i'd have the last two jammed so close together they'd overheat but with these it wouldn't be a problem :D
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I have a dream.......

A price near $100 each.......

Single Slot Triple 5770s in my I7 920 rig


Quad 5770s in my AMD Phenom II 920 rig

I don't mind single slot cards as long as they run cool enough. My single slot 4850s have been really great and they have a rep for running really hot. They don't with the fan at 40% in dual or triple crossfire. They operate near silently. (Their drawback is only 512 megs of RAM) Cases with great airflow make the difference. Honestly I probably wouldn't buy the 5770 but it is real nice to see single slot cards with decent performance still around. I remember the Galaxy GTX 470 but that is really long and not as practical. I don't think single slot cards should ever need more than one PCI Express connector so it is easy to team up a bunch for triple and quad crossfire without much heat. Otherwise for dual cards with dual power connectors it is probaly best to use shrouded dual slot coolers. When the cards make more of a difference in performance I will consider an upgrade but if you have higher performance Directx 10/10.1 performance graphics cards you really probably won't get much out of using these 5770s.
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Nice looking cooler on this card.

How many versions of the 5770 can Powercolor possibly make? They must have 15-20 designs for the 5770 :laugh:
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hrmmm it's not just them that keep reinventing the wheel gigabyte asus his and msi all have several differing cooler designs
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