Monday, August 2nd 2010

XFX Readies Pair of Single-Slot Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Cards

There seems to be a single-slot ATI Radeon HD 5700 series trend going on, with XFX designing two single-slot ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards, a base model (HD-577X-ZMF3), and an Eyefinity-5 model (HD-577X-Z5F3). Both cards use PCB and cooler designed by XFX. The cooler particularly looks familiar in design to the countless single-slot GeForce graphics cards designed by the company, one of the recent ones being a GeForce 9800 GT. The cooler makes generous use of copper.

Both cards stick to the reference AMD clock speeds, 850 MHz core and 1200 MHz (4800 MHz effective) memory, and feature 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 128-bit wide memory interface. Power is taken in from a single 6-pin PCI-E input. While the base model has display outputs which includes two DVI and one mini-DisplayPort, the Eyefinity-5 model features five mini-DisplayPort connectors. The cards will be released around the middle of this month, and Japan prices (which tend to be higher than US/EU prices) indicate 17,500 JPY (US $202) for the base model, and 18,000 JPY ($208).

Source: PC Watch
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31 Comments on XFX Readies Pair of Single-Slot Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Cards

i can only dream about a single slot 5870 :) or other high end cards
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Salsoolo said:
i can only dream about a single slot 5870 :) or other high end cards
A single slot 5870 will need a cooler that takes another extra two slots. :laugh:
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every new new family of gpus seems to run hotter the previous ones.
if a high end gpu can be air cooled by a single slot, that would be an innovation for my mid tower case. :)
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5770 single slot fan control

I would like to get this card also but what ive done with my 4850 ati single slot card is to run the fan plug on the card to one of the spots on my fan controller so i can control the fan speed manually.. It has worked well with my 4850...Id do the same on this xfx version or powercolor version whichever i decide on..
Im going to wait a little while and see if prices drop some on these cards...
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cauby said:
All those new slim HD5770 make me wonder if the card is selling well.So far,the XFX is the sexiest of them.
mdsx1950 said:
The card is selling really well or atleast it was selling as an outstanding mid-range card until the GTX 460 came. :)
Yeah, they are selling a lot. Usually, the best selling cards aren't the uber performing one's. Usually its in the $100 - $200 range. Thats the sweet spot you want to aim for if you are in the gpu selling business. At the price the 5770 is, its really appealing for the performance levels. It ain't that much challenged market wise. Maybe that'll change when the gts450 comes out.
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xfx radeon hd577x-z5f3

looks like i am going to win this card on Ebay, now i know why no one else bid on it, so sounds like the adapter is not going to work unless you spend 100.00, so the next question is where do i find a monitor that will work for this card, with out busting the bank. any suggestions.
at least the card is new and i am going to get it below wholesale even with shipping so it's good i didn't pay retail. that's why the person that got it for Christmas is selling the card . will not work with his system. oh and if anyone is interested in this card i will sell it cheep just to get my money back. :banghead:
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