Tuesday, August 3rd 2010

TechPowerUp Announces World Community Grid August Contest

TechPowerUp's World Community Grid (WCG) community is one of the top-ranking WCG teams on the charts. To celebrate its success and help give it a further push, the team has announced a contest. The contest runs throughout August, and the goal is to achieve 50,000 points within the 31 day time-frame. Points should be earned toward TechPowerUp WCG team (#22175). Between all those who reach there, a lucky winner (picked up in a draw) wins a PC bundle that includes nearly all the components one needs to add another rig to the fleet of WCG crunching machines. This includes an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, compatible motherboard, a GeForce GT 240 graphics card, RAM, HDD, and PSU.

For all contest-related details and to participate, visit this page.
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Thank you btarunr! :toast:
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Not sure how I missed KieX post....thanks bta:toast: Count me in!
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