Tuesday, September 14th 2010

Pioneer Intros New Blu-ray 3D Ready Internal Burner

Pioneer Japan rolled out the BDR-S06J internal Blu-ray disc writer drive. It is available in three bezel options: white (BDR-S06J-W), piano black (BDR-S06J-BK), and matte black (BDR-S06J-KR). The drive uses the standard SATA interface, and has a 4 MB buffer. It can burn Blu-ray discs at 12X, and has Blu-ray 3D support using PowerDVD. Along with this, it also supports AVCREC DRM (2D or 3D). Scheduled to arrive in November, the drive goes for ¥30,000 (or US $360).

Source: Akihabara News
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2 Comments on Pioneer Intros New Blu-ray 3D Ready Internal Burner

360$ is a bit steep I find... I hoping something like 200-250$

GJ though, they actually stated a price xD
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Bird of Prey
They got some of the lower speed burners for like 150 or less on the egg. I hope these come in around 200 - 250 when they get released here.
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