Monday, September 27th 2010

Lamptron Readies FCT Touchscreen Fan Controller

Lamptron, known most for its fan controllers ranging from the retro aviator switch Hummer to the analog rheostat-driven FC3/4/5 series, and the speed/temperature digital monitoring-equipped FC6, is now out with a touchscreen-based FCT "Touch", that completely does away with buttons, switches and knobs for touch-based control. The FCT occupies a 5.25" drive bay, and takes 6 independent fan channels of up to 30W each, along with fan-speed and thermal-zone real-time monitoring. It comes with two CNC-milled bezel options: graphite black and silver. Pricing is not known at this time.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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wow i want one for my second pc and than mount it on the side, i have a custom front where nothing can be placed, and 30wat for each channel that's impressive!
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This does look nice. Would like to see a pic with the screen showing an overall status of all fans, though that might be hard given the real-estate.
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Performance Enthusiast
while this looks pretty awesome, and I might buy one, all I could think of when I saw the title was "lambtron" the chinpokomon from south park.
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Pricing is $69.99, according to Lamptron rep on OCN.
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i want that. would look good with the already brushed alu front panel like my ft01
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If you are okay with knobs instead of a touch screen, the Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme also provides 6x 30w channels ($27 here).

I've never wanted a touch screen controller due to reports of durability problems, compared to their cheaper, less sophisticated, but fully functional alternatives.
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now this looks nice! hopefully it doesnt squeel like the other ones
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I really like the simple and clean look of it. Not to over the top like some on the market today.
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