Tuesday, October 5th 2010

XFX Intros Pro Series Core Edition PSUs with EasyRail Technology

XFX announced its new, more affordable, high-wattage PSU series, the Pro Series Core Edition. These are non-modular, single 12V rail design PSUs which feature what XFX refers to as "EasyRail" technology, that ensures all components get to draw their required amount of power since a single-rail design is more accommodating compared to a multi-rail design. It is available in 650W, 750W, and 850W models. The company did not detail the connector layout of each model in detail, but we can tell that all models are SLI and CrossFire certified, and going from bottom up, support 2-way and 3-way multi-GPU configurations.
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16 Comments on XFX Intros Pro Series Core Edition PSUs with EasyRail Technology

looks nice! but not modular, damn.
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WOW thats an awesome looking design, very rugged and sci-fish! to me, gimme :)
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Horray, no more hideous neon green fan. Looks great.
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fochkoph said:
Horray, no more hideous neon green fan. Looks great.
was just gonna say that they could atleast make that in diff colors not just green
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Performance Enthusiast
that is one killer looking PSU, pity about the lack of modularity, good to know its seasonic on the inside too.
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Very nice. The grill looks like a vent at a radioactive sign. Very nice PSU.
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I thought the green fan looked sweet. It kinda is there color theme to the company. Plus I like green. You don't even see the fan no ways after its in esp bottom mounted. This one does look good. It's not a boring old flat box. Wish more psu's came modular since most people are into cable management. All I can say is, Get rid of the floppy connector or make it modular to plug on a molex if needed. Gaming system with power hungry psu's don't need like two of those. c'mon.
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It's an s12II on steroids with dc-dc instead of group regulation.
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The TX equivalent of XFX
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Bird of Prey
Looks pretty good actually. Yeah Modular is cool when putting my nephews and brothers systems together their modular psus made things a lot easier. I love my Corsair TX650 but man I wish I had the HX620 or 850.
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Wile E
Power User
claylomax said:
The OEM is Seasonic.
Got a source on that? ANd is it the newer Seasonic design?
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Nice looking PSU! And Seasonic makes some nice stuff, even the older designs are no slouches by any means! Hopefully they'll release a modular version as well.
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The mesh looks like Umbrella Corporation logo. I'd be careful with this one... :P
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Wile E
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namsterdamus said:
Some reviews are out already and they all seem very positive. It seems to exceed expectations so far.


Not bad reviews. Better than most in methodology. I still like the more thorough approach used at Jonny Guru, but these are way better than the typical reviews.

These psus show some promise. Of course, being based on the Seasonic X series, it doesn't surprise me.
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