Tuesday, November 2nd 2010

Sunbeamtech Announces Rheosmart Family of Fan Controllers

Sunbeamtech announced its Rheosmart family of single and multiple channel fan controllers. There are three parts, the Rheosmart PCI, Rheosmart 3, and Rheosmart 6. The Rheosmart PCI isn't a PCI addon card, but just a fan controller board that occupies an expansion slot on the back of your case. It lets you control one fan channel with up to 30W of power, and also lets you select between PWM and voltage methods. The Rheosmart 3, as the name suggests, is a 3-channel controller, and occupies a 3.5" exposed drive bay. Lastly, there's the six-channel Rheosmart 6, which occupies a 5.25" bay. PWM method lets the controller auto-adjust speeds based on system temperatures, under the motherboard's control. Sunbeamtech did not give out pricing.
More pictures follow.

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5 Comments on Sunbeamtech Announces Rheosmart Family of Fan Controllers

I'm guessing all 3 versions have a max wattage of 30W? This would not be enough for Delta fans that could run up to ~50W.
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TPU addict
Plus it be hard to add some more cooling to those chips on it ( 3.5 version that is).
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I really wish they would add a 3-PCI bracket version, or at least make it capable for the Rheosmart 3. I use the SilverStone FP33-B:

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MT Alex
30W runs my Panflos just fine, plus, the Rheosmart 6 is much classier looking than my Rheobus. The mesh front may help in the cooling, as well. I'd buy that for a dollar.
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