Wednesday, November 3rd 2010

ViewSonic Announces VG2436wm-LED and VG2236wm-LED Cost-Efficient Displays

Following its recent announcement to take its entire display line to LED by early 2011, ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced the launch of its latest LED backlit monitors – the VG36-LED Series.

Furthering its commitment to smarter, greener computing, the VG36-LED Series makes its debut with the 24” (23.6” vis.) VG2436wm-LED and 22” (21.5” vis.) VG2236wm-LED. These environmentally friendly LED monitors feature a slim bezel profile and native 1920x1080 resolution. In addition to Full HD resolution and DVI and VGA connectivity options, both mercury-free monitors offer an impressive 20,000,000:1 MEGA contrast ratio and built-in stereo speakers for the ultimate viewing experience. Teamed with Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certifications and an energy savings of up to 50%, the VG36-LED Series combines the best of all worlds.
For a full range of ergonomic options, these monitors include 90-degree pivot, height adjustment of up to 5.4”, 360-degree swivel and tilt, for a truly customized desktop set up. Alternatively, users can mount these monitors to the wall with a VESA compliant monitor stand. And at 24” and 22”, their generous sizes allow for side-by-side document viewing to aide with multitasking for maximum utilization of desktop space.

“With the introduction of the VG36-LED Series, ViewSonic continues to deliver on our promise to offer our customers significant energy cost savings and improved performance and brilliant picture quality,” said Sally Wang, senior director of product marketing for ViewSonic. “These monitors represent another step towards our commitment to delivering an array of green LED products that best fit the needs of our customers.”

The VG36-LED Series provides the crisp, clear picture quality users have come to expect from ViewSonic, coupled with the company’s strongest pixel performance guarantee and a three-year limited warranty. The 22” VG2236wm-LED and 24” VG2436wm-LED are both now available for respective ESPs of $229 and $259.
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7 Comments on ViewSonic Announces VG2436wm-LED and VG2236wm-LED Cost-Efficient Displays

Am i blind, or is there no actual Wattage comment in this post?

Also, I'll 'Go Green' when i can get an LED for the same price as an LCD. The price difference means what i save on the monitor can be spent on the electricity.
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Yeah, if they knocked 100 bones off of that price I'd be ordering right now. :D
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Cost-efficient? Compared to what? A fish?
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TN? IPS? :confused:
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24" for 1920x1080. Those are big pixels... You wont want to sit too close to that.

Viewsonic used to be a great name... now it has become a discount brand.
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lemonadesoda said:
24" for 1920x1080. Those are big pixels... You wont want to sit too close to that.

Viewsonic used to be a great name... now it has become a discount brand.
Aren't they all now? I remember you use to be able to get reliable quality from a number of brands, now all of them have a panel lottery and in general less focus on quality, even the premium priced samsung brand. I grabbed a viewsonic when they had a really high quality 1080p model, they quickly discontinued it to push a mainstream model to compete with asus and acer. Now you might as well just always buy the asus, you're not going to get anything for spending $50 more on a samsung these days. I'd say I can't wait for OLED but they'll still screw us over with 6 and 8 bit panels.
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Waiting for 26-30 inch led's I have a 27 inch but it's not the same quality as the 22-24 inchers nor the same price per size.
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