Friday, November 5th 2010

Lite-On Launches External DVD-Writer with Customizable Covers

Lite-On Launch 8x External DVD Writer with Customisable Covers. Lite-On are renowned as leaders in optical storage innovations, and the launch of their eNAU608 shows no exception. The 8x external slim DVD writer has an unusual twist; by using the bundled NERO software, it allows users to customise the top cover to create a fun, vibrant and fully personalised design that is sure to turn heads and infuse a sense of fashion into everyday life.

A host of technology to ensure top quality recording and fuss-free disc labelling is packed inside the tiny case, and with an ultra-portable design that needs no separate power cable, it really is the ultimate way to back-up, share and store data, photos and movies on the move. Customisable covers for a truly individual style: The external eNAU608 slim drive is the first DVD writer in the world to offer users the ability to design, print and swap the cover to produce a completely personalised look.
Key Features:
  • 8x External Slim DVD writer
  • Interchangeable covers - fully personalised
  • USB Powered
  • LightScribe disc labelling
  • LabelTag disc labelling
  • SMART Burn technology
  • NERO software suite included
  • £51 SRP approx - available now
With imagination the only limit, anyone can show off their flair by using the bundled software to create styles for every mood, outfit and occasion or by choosing from the predesigned covers included with the drive.

"With the eNAU608 we introduce a new concept for external slim DVD burners", says Jelmer Veldman, Marketing Manager for Lite-On. "The drive has an interchangeable top cover, to let users insert vibrant designs, use custom photos, and choose a design to express their own style. We bundle a number of pre-printed design templates, but we also include a simple software application for users to create their personal cover design", Veldman adds.

Advanced labelling technology for hassle-free disc archiving:
The patented LabelTag technology allows users to etch a label with text and a small picture onto the data side of any standard DVD+/-R single layer or CD-R discs. The images are created at the same time as writing the disc data and at the normal writing speed.

Both LabelTag and Lightscribe provide a quick and cost effective solution to disc labelling without any need for fussy markers or stickers, additional hardware/software or for flipping the disc - making it easier than ever to back-up and share data in a colourful and professionally consistent style.

USB-power allows users to stay productive in even remote locations:
The eNAU608 does not require a fixed power source in order to work - instead it uses the USB cable (supplied) to share the power source from the computer it is connected to. This means users can play movies or save files anywhere, anytime.

SMART Burn technology and NERO software for effortless disc burning:
The 8X eNAU608 comes bundled with the NERO software suite to ensure an easy to use interface for backing up data and is compatible with all common DVD and CD formats including DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R9, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, and CD-ROM - so busy shoppers won't have to worry about remembering which type of media to choose.

SMART Burn technology compares the disc to be burned with an updated detailed list from Lite-On and automatically adjusts the writing strategy to provide the best burn quality. This advanced system reduces disc errors and wasted discs.

  • DVD+/-R 8X
  • DVD+RW 8X
  • DVD-RW 6X
  • DVD+/-R DL 6X
  • CD-R 24X
Pricing & Availability:
The eNAU608 will be approximately £51 SRP and is available now from a selection of retailers. Source: Hugh's News
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Yeah . . .. because the lack of apperience customization was the one thing stopping me from going out right now and buying an external burner...
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Soylent Joe
They should make one with a mouse pad surface on top of it, you know, to save room and all. Just an idea :rolleyes:
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Senior Monkey Moderator
This would be a lot cooler if the top was an LCD screen.
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