Friday, January 7th 2011

Gigabyte Readies New Motherboard Line for Overclockers

Gigabyte is readying a new line of motherboards geared for extreme overclocking - well, there already are such motherboards in its ranks, but apparently not very "boutique" so to speak, or optimized for heavy LN2 coolers. In comes the new unnamed motherboard series that sports the "OC Orange" color scheme. Gigabyte is designing these motherboards in collaboration with renowned overclocker "hicookie".

The socket LGA1366 motherboard shown in its CGI form is said to be devoid of all features that overclockers won't need. It sticks to just the essentials as far as connectivity goes, but makes up for it with every feature that will help overclockers make, break, and chase world records. The board is loaded with heatsinks to cool all critical components. It probably uses digital PWM and/or high-C capacitors to keep the CPU socket area as less-crowded as possible (for heavy LN2 pots). Expansion includes four PCI-E 2.0 x16 for 4-way SLI and CrossFireX.

Source: HardwareCanucks
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Black Haru
the orange is nice.

I want real pics though.
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Great! i always love Gigabyte boards ever since the Nforce2 area...

I can't wait to see if that board will breaks records?
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They will get in trouble with Orange (France Telecom) for using "Orange" like on the presentation screen.
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I'm not going to run out and buy a LN pot but the style of this board is very close to what I want in a board. Much better than bullet magazine heatsinks IMO.
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The new scheme would make for a great centerpiece in a TF2 Casemod :roll: :toast:
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qwerty_lesh said:
The new scheme would make for a great centerpiece in a TF2 Casemod :roll: :toast:
or either a Half Life casemod ;)

anywho, real quick question: weren't AM3+ motherboards supposed to show up at this CES?
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Yo Gigabyte,Imma let you finish your presentations and all,but X58 is pretty much stagnated.
I mean,they are all nice boards and all,but there are already dozens of boards designed for this.
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
Yeah, that crossed my mind too once I saw the picture. But unless it's UV reactive, it won't be a true tribute/reference.
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Man now that i stopped binch-drinking i got money and will look for an update with maybe one of this promising sounding MB series :)
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Now that's the board I should have in my black and orange TJ07.
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