Thursday, January 13th 2011

Westone Shows off New Westone 4 In-Ear Headphones

Westone showed off their new Westone 4 in-ears at CES 2011. The Westone 4s has the exact same exterior dimensions as the Westone 3s but a completely different package inside. The 4-series in-ears uses an all new three way crossover designed by Westone. Like the name suggests the Westone 4s carry four balanced armatures, dual lows, single mid and high drivers. The sound of these new in-ears from Westone is somewhat like that of the Westone 3s but with a slightly more forward midrange and a little more highs as well.

The slight sibilance issue with the Westone 3s plus normal single flange tips seemed to be cured which is great because that really limited your tip selection for the 3s if you wanted optimum sound quality. Due to the tricky listening conditions at CES you will have to wait for our full review for further comments. Westone will begin shipping the Westone 4s shortly and they will come at a hefty price tag of $449.
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