Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Kingston Releases Critical Firmware Update for SSDNow V100 Series

Kingston Technology released an important firmware update for SSDNow V100 series solid-state drives. The update fixes an issue where the SSD becomes unresponsive during power on self-test (POST) or during booting. The issue also causes the SSD to render the machine unresponsive for a few minutes randomly. Kingston strongly recommends you to apply this update, even if you haven't come across this issue. Affected models include 64 GB SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, and SV100S2N/64GZ; 128 GB SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, and SV100S2N/128GZ; and 256 GB SV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, and SV100S2N/256GZ. Details on the update can be found here.
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2 Comments on Kingston Releases Critical Firmware Update for SSDNow V100 Series

thats a pretty serious bug they fixed there
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I've already noticed that in my unit. Sometimes when I'm playing COD-MW2 the whole pc hangs. No problem with vga, temps, anything else. The solution is to shutdown in the button, and it drives me crazy!! Also wondered that it would be solved with a firmware update. I was just waiting. I'm going to apply this this week.
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