Saturday, April 2nd 2011

Eurocom Launches Dual Processor Phantom 4.0 Server-on-the-Go Solution

Eurocom Corporation, the world's leading developer of highly personalized, high-performance notebook PCs and energy efficient All-in-Ones has been developing a dual CPU notebook solution for years. Eurocom technicians have been testing and verifying the systems performance and quality since the beginning of 2011 and now the system is ready for shipping.

The system is called the EUROCOM Phantom 4.0 and starts at $7999. The EUROCOM Phantom 4.0 can support up to two server class processors, 6 memory slots for 48 GB of RAM via 8 GB sticks, 6 storage drives with RAID 0/1/5/10/30. The Phantom 4.0 supports multiple operating systems (Microsoft Server 2003R2 x32 or x64, Server 2008R2 x64; VMware; Red Hat; LINUX; Solaris; Windows 7)and virtualization.
The EUROCOM Phantom 4.0 is the perfect solution for customer looking for Server-on-the-Go capabilities. Server on the GO is a new category of server-class notebook form-factor computer with integrated display, keyboard and UPS (internal battery) which allows for both "on-the-go", "rapid server deployment" or "Ad Hoc" (temporary network setup) when single server capability is required, multiple operating system compatibility is needed and running virtual machines is a must. A Mobile Server, Transportable Server or Carry on Server is perfect for software and database developers, training centers, military personnel, manufacturing, marketing and trade shows, emergency relief organizations and service organizations.

The EUROCOM Mobile Server Technology significantly reduces the time and cost of deploying short-term LAN based solutions and of extending usage of existing business applications to users wherever is required. Eurocom customers operating a Server-on-the-Go allows Engineers in the field operating under a RED Team strategy to utilize a Eurocom Mobile Server to receive and process feedback while being face-to-face with customers, co-developers, final users and other third parties.

Eurocom now offers two Server capable notebook solutions. The other being the EUROCOM Panther 4.0 offering up to four storage drives in RAID 0/1/5/10, up to 24 GB of triple channel memory, server class CPU's and support for server class Operating Systems.
  • The EUROCOM Phantom 4.0 starts at $7999
  • The EUROCOM Panther 3.0 starts at $2631
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Is that a late April 1st announcement? :D
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I'm the only one
Is it the tardis laptop?
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probably weighs as much as an Osborne 1
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craigo said:
Why not?
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craigo said:
because who wouldn't want a laptop where the CD drive doubles as a toaster, and the battery doubles as a sledge hammer
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did you just say six storage drives, or did i get fairy dust in my ear?
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