Thursday, May 12th 2011

OCZ Announces Talos 3.5'' SAS 6 Gb/s SSD with VCA Technology, up to 960 GB Capacity

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, announces the Talos series, a line of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSDs designed for enterprise applications that require ultra-fast, high capacity solutions equipped with multi-level cell (MLC) NAND. Talos brings new strength to the Company's storage lineup by expanding the availability of OCZ's proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) technology to storage OEMs.

"We have experienced considerable demand for our high-capacity VCA-enabled SAS products, both with and without enhanced power fail protection," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "The new OCZ Talos SSD series delivers the ultimate combination of performance, scalability, and reliability. Talos series drives are tailored to meet the needs of most enterprises in a non-customer specific format, including balanced compressed and incompressible data performance and balanced read/write IOPS, all in the highest capacity SAS 6Gbps drive available today."
Talos SAS SSDs deliver incredible speed with up to 64,000 4K random IOPS and are specifically optimized for enterprise storage applications, providing clients who require substantial transactional processing with superior performance and cost-savings. Additionally, the Talos SAS interface offers the benefits of interoperability and integration with existing devices, flexibility for traditional storage environments, and the ability to scale greater amounts of drives, providing larger aggregate pools of storage. The drives also deliver world-class reliability features including superior power loss protection, endurance, encryption, and ECC protection.

Unique to OCZ products, the Talos series leverages VCA technology which provides customers with robust enterprise features including TRIM, SMART monitoring, native command queuing (NCQ), tagged command queuing (TCQ), power fail management, and wear-leveling; all within a single streamlined solution. With Talos and VCA technology, clients can now deploy an SSD solution that delivers advanced application performance, all the necessary enterprise features, and substantial power savings, at a better total cost of ownership.

To address the complete spectrum of customer applications, Talos SSDs are available in 3.5-inch form factors (2.5-inch to follow) and range from 200GB to 960GB. OCZ is now sampling Talos to strategic customers and the drives will be made available to SMB and enterprise clients through OCZ's business-to-business channel.
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4 Comments on OCZ Announces Talos 3.5'' SAS 6 Gb/s SSD with VCA Technology, up to 960 GB Capacity

price ? 1 mil lol
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"do not drop" - "do not press".
Why is it do damaged so easily, yet so expensive.
Get a free fall hard-drive, hard and fall-able. Priceless ~
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MikeX said:
"do not drop" - "do not press".
Why is it do damaged so easily, yet so expensive.
Because unlike most SSDs, Talos has several PCBs closely stacked together, making for multiple SSD subunits. You can't get 960 GB on a single PCB/subunit, yet. If you press or drop it, you might end up damaging the PCBs inside.
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Wonder if this new model still doesn't support trim. I know intel added raid trim support to drivers but I don't think it did anything for these internal raid drives.
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