Monday, May 30th 2011

Team Group Announces Four Lines of C Series Flash Drives

Team Group Inc. will be announcing four new C series flash drive disks C111/C112/C113/C114 at 2011 Computex Taipei, covering both the mainstream USB 2.0 and new generation USB 3.0 high speed interface. Team Group Inc. has the most diverse and comprehensive interfaces and designs in its UFD product line, ranging from low, middle to high-end flash drive disks. With eye-catching designs and wide selections, Team Group aims to win consumers’ hearts.
C113/114 USB3.0 adopt new high speed transfer trend, the trend setter in the industry
As the USB3.0’s high speed wave sweeps across the consumer electronics market, Team Group Inc. introduces two new USB 3.0 flash drive disks, the C113 and C114, to satisfy consumer’s longing to try out high speed transfer. With a bandwidth up to 5Gbps, C113/114 USB 3.0 disks allow consumers to fully enjoy the ultra speed sensation during large size data transmission, as it only takes 70 seconds to complete transferring a 25GB high definition video. C113/114 is suitable for demanding multimedia enthusiast consumers. Both flash drive disks are equipped with LED displays so that users may keep track of the file transfer status at any time. The C113’s cap may be fixed to the end when using to prevent the cap from missing. The C114 adopts a retractable USB connector which consumers can easily push out simply by pressing it down with a single hand. The easy-to-use design creates a more convenient and agile user experience.

C111/112 mainstream performance, a good helper for students in school work and learning
In addition, Team Group Inc. also releases the fair-priced USB 2.0 interface from the same C series, the C111 and C112. The simple appearance and mainstream performance make them good helpers for students in doing schoolwork and academic learning! The Team C111 and C112 emphasize on cost-performance ratio and come in 4 different capacities. Whether it is used at home, at school or at tutoring centers, the Team C113/114 are the best partners for young students to carry personal data, edit homework, or share files and pictures with friends.

As a leading provider of memory storage products to the consumer market, Team Group is committed to providing the best storage, multimedia and data sharing solutions. All Team memory module products come with a lifetime warranty, repair and replacement services.
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