Wednesday, July 27th 2011

Buffalo Also Intros New 3 TB External Hard Drive

Apart from the LinkStation WSX2.0TL/R1, Buffalo Technology also launched the HD-LBFVU2 external hard drive. The drive connects to the host over USB 2.0 interface, and provides 3 TB of storage. Measuring 189 x 123 x 39 mm, with about 1 kg of weight, the drive makes use of internal silicone cushioning to reduce operating noise, and protect the drive inside. Like the new LinkStation NAS, this drive is also set for market release in mid-August, priced at around $285.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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5 Comments on Buffalo Also Intros New 3 TB External Hard Drive

still usb 2.0 ? :ohwell:
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285$? my 2 tb usb 2.0 drive was 75$, I could get 4 of those for the same price as one 3tb drive.

and yes I agree thes large drives should be on usb 3.0, even spin disk drives can do well more than 60MB/s (480Mb/s)
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andhi_sg said:
still usb 2.0 ? :ohwell:
Then there is the price . .. .
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3TB and USB2.0....

To quote Churchill: Uhhhh No! :shadedshu
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Not trying to be mean, but this is just full of fail.....
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