Wednesday, August 3rd 2011

Zaward Readies Golf Fan G3 Series Case Fans

Zaward is readying a wave of new PC fans branded under its Golf Fan G3 series. The most prominent feature of these is the dimpled surface of the fan blades, which improve airflow, which then offsets lower fan-speed, resulting in lower noise-to-airflow. Zaward claims 15% improvement of that ratio compared to fans with regular blades (generic fan design). Zaward is preparing to release no less than 12 models, that include 80 mm, 120 mm, and 140 mm sizes. There are models with speed range (likely PWM control), and those with fixed rated speeds (should be controllable by voltage). All fans will pack rubber bolts that absorb the fan's vibration, and works to reduce overall system noise. The fans are up for inquiry for pre-order on the company website, at undisclosed prices.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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5 Comments on Zaward Readies Golf Fan G3 Series Case Fans

golf fan. before it we have (vw) golf car
and it points that small improvement could make bigger difference
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LAN_deRf_HABoy that 106 cfm seems unlikely.
For 140mm? Seems likely to me.

Noise rating is probably 20dba off lol
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May 25th, 2022 20:13 EDT change timezone

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