Monday, September 26th 2011

Thermaltake Introduces Chaser MK-I LCS Case with Liquid Cooling System

Thermaltake, being the industry pioneer brand in thermal solutions, carrying the corporate vision of "building Thermaltake Technology into a cultural brand for the enjoyment of entertainment, e-Sports, technology, and lifestyle" and continues to drive toward the corporate mission of "delivering the perfect user experience" for all man kinds. Beginning of this year Thermaltake has sent the Chaser MK-I with air cooling system (ACS) out on a mission into the universe for all e-Sports enthusiasts to counteract all heat issues.

This Fall, the new Chaser MK-I returned to the base with its indestructible form and dynamic appearance which is ready to be equipped with an alternative thermal solution - the liquid cooling system (LCS) and be transformed into the new Chaser MK-I LCS to serve a greater good for the most discerning PC gaming purists.
The Chaser MK-I LCS - In Water-Cooling Mode
Since the last creation of chassis with built in liquid cooling system. The integrated LCS has slowly revived in the universe therefore this fall Thermaltake offers all e-Sports enthusiasts with the new Chaser MK-I LCS, a full-tower with integrated LCS. The integrated LCS is the new generation drive bay liquid cooling system, consisting of an all inclusive drive bay unit and intelligent interconnecting waterblock with the robust material non-spill quick connectors offers an effortless installation. The slim waterblock was developed with pure copper base that maximizes the thermal efficiency.

Also, with dual 120mm fans and the 240mm Dimple Tube Technology radiator increases the turbulence within the radiator to perform maximum cooling action. In addition, the P500 pump pushes 500L/H of water to improve the overall cooling efficiency and performance level. Furthermore, the ultra quiet pump, 12cm blue LED fan, water reservoir are all preinstalled inside the drive bay unit to achieve maximum performance for another grand Thermaltake mission.

The Chaser MK-I LCS - Keeping Originality
With the integration of LCS, the Chaser MK-I LCS still kept its fierce e-Sports appearance and incredible functionality, like the amazing breath light effect, the internal Superspeed USB 3.0, top-mounted HDD docking station, innovative 5.25" &3.5" tool-free device with HDD anti-vibration mechanism, combat headset holder, heighten footstand to enhance the airflow, dual colorshift front intake fans, smart cable management and large interior space which support up to a 18cm CPU cooler with 3-ways SLI/ATI Crossfire VGA cards that could be up to 33cm long.

With the newly equipped LCS and stimulating functions, the Chaser MK-I LCS is ready to take another journey into the universe for Thermaltake to serve all e-Sports enthusiasts needs.

For more information, visit the product page.
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Agreed. That thing looks absolutely ridiculous. And when I say "ridiculous", I mean like Balki from Perfect Strangers "redeeculus".

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Haha, I'm sure the younger crowd will like the looks of it. The colors are pretty but I'd also go with something that looks like the cleaner, Corsair case, I'd actually go further and get a much better looking Lian Li without a window, this is going to be my next PC upgrade once I actually start working again, I'm laid off :(
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TPU addict
It's the plastic, if only they would make TT cases with metal fronts lol. Yeah and with cases like the corsair Lian you surly pay too.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
I hope Tt realises that this isn't 2007 where kids lined up for an Apevia case, Core 2 Duo, GeForce 8800 GT, and Crysis 1.
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Well we all told the TT rep that we'd prefer less toy like caes so hopefully in a few months are suggestions will filter through.

This just looks a mess though.

Like if a child designed a pc case lol
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the new Chaser MK-I returned to the base with its indestructible form
vs my sledgehammer, I doubt it.
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Great Case Without Rainbow System

Personally, the case looks great, but please, CAN THEY REMOVE THE MULTI COLOR MODE?! It has an Integrated LCS, and the Blue, Red, Green and off modes are a good option, BUT! The Single color flash mode makes the case look like a Christmas tree, and the Multi Color Flash Mode makes it even uglier... :nutkick:
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wtf did they do to design this? ask a 13yr old to draw the concept art for it

I wouldnt have liked that case back in my days when I was into the bling factor with a side window, colored cables and lights in my Tt Tsunami
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We should probably just start calling ugly cases "Thermaltakes".
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Well i guess if your looking for a combination case/eyesore this is perfect for you.
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That case truly is overkill, I think it might catch the eye of the younger crowd, but the younger crowd wouldn't take use of its watercooling etc., it's just a total flunk to be honest..
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entropy13 said:
They're both good looking, so what exactly is the supposed issue?
It is the same difference between Woman and Female:
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My Custom Title
And I thought my Kaldalf LCS was not that pretty when I got it... Sigh and still using that weak ass P500 Pump... I suppose it may do fine on a 240 rad but it's certainly not enough power on my 360 rad... Even with a nicer waterblock(much nicer than TT's new one) I still get decent air temps at best.
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I laughed pretty hard at that cat. Oh, and it's fugly.
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haha, anyway, pre-fab liquid cooling is a good idea to conquest the market of, whatever.
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What about mine?

Rowsol said:
I laughed pretty hard at that cat. Oh, and it's fugly.

What about my seal?
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This thing is ugly and made up of way way tooo much plastic on this case unless it going to be sold for $70 or less.
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Mine looks badass

I've aquired the MK1 2 months ago and i painted all the sky blue part of that case in black, and now everyone that come to my house tell that my computer looks abdass.

The blue parts of that case has to be removed it's what that makes it so ugly

Also i set off all the lights on the fan.
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