Wednesday, October 5th 2011

Sharkoon Intros Two New Micro-ATX Gaming Cases Supporting Long Graphics Cards

Sharkoon introduces two micro-ATX cases, which despite its compact form factor, can contain graphic cards up to 36 cm in length: The Sharkoon MS120 mATX and the Sharkoon 140 mATX are especially aimed at gamers who are looking for a handy companion at LAN parties and at the same time not wanting to miss out on extra-long graphics power.

The two black finished cases differ in their front fan configurations: The MS120 is equipped with two blue illuminating 120 mm front fans behind a mesh insert. The MS140 instead features a blue illuminating 140 mm front fan. The MS120 is a little taller at 375 mm than the MS140 at 368 mm.
In addition, the functionality of both is the same: Both cases contain auxiliary audio and three USB2.0 ports, and a SuperSpeed USB3.0 port on the front of the I/O panel. Inside contains an optical drive, an externally accessible 3.5 inch drive and four extension card slots, and up to four 3.5 inch hard drives or up to six 2.5 inch hard drives or SSDs. The data mediums are inserted lengthwise within the two suspended mounting panels. On both panels, either two 3.5 inch hard drives can be decoupled installed or three 2.5 inch drives can be firmly attached. If necessary, one of the two panels can be removed to make room for the up to 36 cm long graphic card; thus comfortably accommodating high-end models, such as the Nvidias GeForce GTX590 or AMDs Radeon 6990. As a trade-off for the removable panel, an additional hard drive bracket is added to the base area.

Despite its compact design, efficient cooling of the housing is ensured: The airflow through the pre-installed front fan is supported through the air intake on the side panel. By surrendering the supported PCIe-Slot on the mainboard for a graphic card cooler, a filter-protected 120mm fan can be mounted to the base of the case. Additionally, a fixture to mount an 80 or 92mm fan is located in the rear. The case measures 420 x 175 x 375 (MS120) or 368 (MS140) millimeters, the empty weight is 4 kg.

End customers can find the Sharkoon MS120 mATX and the Sharkoon MS140 mATX in authorized retailers.

  • Sharkoon MS120 mATX: MSRP 34.90 euros
  • Sharkoon MS140 mATX: MSRP 29.90 euros
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10 Comments on Sharkoon Intros Two New Micro-ATX Gaming Cases Supporting Long Graphics Cards

This is actually sick
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Agreed.... if only the front panel was aluminum it would be even better.
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first i hope they made new inside design, but i was wrong
the front panel is nice
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They're beautiful (I love the 140 especially). It's a shame they're budget cases.
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While I don’t believe I’d call it a Micro-ATX, they are neat and work a nice niche, could do well as they are nice looking and price alright.

Would’ve anticipated them being wider; space for both a tall cooler and room behind the tray. Definitely something needed for hiding the wire looms from some super-duper PSU. Then if used with a 6990/GTX590 the single smallish rear fan isn’t adequate. I suppose you could make the side panel blow-in and the bottom 120mm to push-out but that’s not efficient, probably would need a fan in the top to make it right.

Something I’m always noticing is the lack of nice “quality” Mini-Towers that aren’t overly pricey and include a smartly configured 400W PSU. Something I could see Corsair doing. A straight forward non-fugally tower, with two 5.25” bays, but with both a total blank-out and with a 3.5” conversion(s). Just two HDD bays that isolate noise, while with fans/ filters that can be serviced easily. For the PSU a quality 80-plus that has acceptable power to run an SSD and HDD, along with that a 6-pin with enough oomph for up to a 6850. All the wires looms are tailored for proper routing, while maybe a couple of them modular so if not needed you’re not stuffing them someplace. A box that ends up about 14-15” front to back and 14ish” in height, however doesn’t need to be wide for say 160mm tall coolers.
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Vancha, post: 2416574"
They're beautiful (I love the 140 especially). It's a shame they're budget cases.
shouldnt it good so you could save $ and not drying your wallet?
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it would be nice to add some extra space on the back of motherboard to hide some cables..
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Damn I'd pay a few bucks more for an extra USB 3.0 port on there.
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Kantastic, post: 2417892"
Damn I'd pay a few bucks more for an extra USB 3.0 port on there.
I would too, I'd pay $10-15 extra for it.
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