Friday, October 7th 2011

Sharkoon Announces Vaya Value Edition with USB 3.0 and Side Window

In July, Sharkoon presented a competitive priced ATX case with the introduction of the 25 euro Sharkoon Vaya model. Now a Value Edition with a USB3.0 interface and side window is provided.

The Value Edition replaces one of the two USB2.0 ports on the standard design with a SuperSpeed USB3.0 interface. In lieu of the side air intake with pre-drilled air holes, the Value Edition offers a large acrylic side window, allowing insight into the PC while the internal illumination is benefiting operation. Sharkoon offers the Value Edition in two color versions: a black case with red LED front fan, and a white case with blue LED front fan.
The other specifications match the Standard design: The ATX case, with black exterior and interior finish, offers room for four 5.25" hard drives, four internal 3.5" hard drives, an external 3.5" hard drive and seven extension cards. The cooling capacity of the pre-installed, red illuminating 120 mm fan on the front panel can be further supported by installing an 80, 92 or 120 mm fan to the backside. Optical drives and hard drives are secured with the practical quick-locking clamps; the main board tray is equipped with a cooler mount opening and cable feedthrough. The power supply mount is attached to the bottom of the case. USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports are located together and easily accessible with the audio terminals, Power and Reset buttons on the case front. In the backside you will find two rubber-protected feedthroughs for water cooling tubes.

The Sharkoon Vaya Value measures 465 x 185 x 440 mm (L x W x H) and empty weight is 5 Kg. The case allows the installation of graphic cards up to 27 cm and power supplies up to 28.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 15.5 cm in height. Shipping includes a comprehensive accessory kit and a detailed instruction manual is available on the Sharkoon website for download.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Vaya Value Edition available immediately for the suggested retail price of 39.90 euros from authorized retailers.
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13 Comments on Sharkoon Announces Vaya Value Edition with USB 3.0 and Side Window


the upper side and the side window is nice but the front bottom is bad
why they stand this design.
much better flat with large mesh than this
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Seems like a pretty decent value case actually. Probably quite a lot of plastic and flimsy steel, but a good feature set for a 40€ case.
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seems to be a distributor of towels for drying hands
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The colour white seems to be the "in" thing with manufacturers.
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Don't care very much for the looks of this thing.
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How can a company with designers that make cases like the MS120/140 (which were in the news just two days ago), be happy with a case looking like this?
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Looks like a Gigabyte Sumo with a simpler front panel

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FreedomEclipse said:
for a budget case - the Antec 100 gets my vote.

The side panel on this case is nice. but I have little faith in the case to keep highend hardware cool.

specially when theres no fan on the side panel or at the top of the case......


There seems to be different versions of this case where it loses the clear sidepanel for a normal one that can hold 2 120mm fans.

That's why this is referred to as the 'edition with USB 3.0 and side window' in the thread title. ;)
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It looks like it's pregnant with an mitx case.
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DonInKansas said:
It looks like it's pregnant with an mitx case.
thats why i said the bottom part is bad, why dont they make it flat with large mesh?
i dunno :shadedshu
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