Thursday, November 17th 2011

Prolimatech Launches Lynx Compact Entry-Level CPU Cooler

Cooling specialist Prolimatech is expanding their diverse line-up of coolers further after the successful Panther launch. Their latest CPU cooler by the name Lynx aims to take the entry level by storm, offering excellent compatibility and bundling a 120 mm PWM equipped fan right out of the box.

The manufacturer Prolimatech is known for high performance and silent cooling solutions like the Megahalems, Armageddon and Genesis. Their newest unit is incredibly compact and intended to appease the budget user. Called Prolimatech Lynx, it delivers the most cooling possible combined with a size that ensures maximum compatibility.
With a mere height of 159.5 mm and depth of 30 mm, the CPU cooler still features three heatpipes embedded in the base plate which is made of copper. The pipe transport the heat to the large number of Aluminum fins. Both the base and heatpipes have been Nickel plated, to offer the high quality for which Prolimatech is known for, while also acting as protection against corrosion. The included 120 mm PWM fan is to be attached to the body of fins with simple metal clips, with a additional such pair included for those intending to use the Lynx with a second cooling fan. The included unit offers a rotation speed from 800 to 1600 RPM.

Thanks to its compact size, the Lynx only weighs 354 grams by itself and 487 grams with the fan installed. Thus, the unit does not put a strain on a motherboard and is perfect for those moving their system around frequently. The backplate ensures that the Lynx can be attached properly and unfolds its cooling potential. Prolimatech has designed the cooler in such a way, that it fits the Intel 1155 and 1156 as well as AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3 and AM3+ sockets.

The Prolimatech Lynx CPU-Cooler is available immediately for a mere 27.90 Euro exclusively at
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6 Comments on Prolimatech Launches Lynx Compact Entry-Level CPU Cooler

TPU addict
I like it, but those fan clips suck as i like using 38mm fans as you can run them slower than your 25mm fans.
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159.5 mm height is not really universally compatible. You need a case that's at least 190 mm, maybe even 195 mm wide to accomodate them. I had the old CM 212 Hyper Plus in my now defunct Enermax Pandora. The case was 185 mm wide and the cooler was 158.5 mm high and it was a "look, I can still close my case" fit.

Still, it's nice to see Prolimatech sell something nice to the masses. Let's hope its cooling prowess will match their great reputation.
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I really like coolers with lighter weight. One gripe I have with mine (more than 600/700 grams) is that with time, especially heavy 24/7 use, it really strains your board. I can clearly see the bend. If I now move my rig, I'll have to re seat the ram to get it to boot.
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That's really not much surface area at all. We'll have to wait for reviews, but I really can't see this outperforming the 212+ or Mugen.
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nice cooler but looks pretty thin, i wonder how good its on high load with small dissipation area
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