Friday, December 2nd 2011

NZXT Phantom 410 Case Released

The original NZXT Phantom has been a huge success, spawning multiple versions in many different colors. NZXT now presents their newest case with the same genes by the name of Phantom 410. The case features the same stylish and modern looks as its bigger brethren, but at a much smaller overall size. Thus, the chassis is intended for an ATX mainboard while adding a windowed side panel to the mix.

NZXT revolutionized the case industry with the Phantom Big-Tower, which offered a daring new look - noticeably different than anything else on the market. With the unique design and a long list of features, the Pantheon Big-Tower quickly became one of the most popular cases for those looking for a stylish and modern chassis. With the Phantom 410, NZXT now offers the same beautiful design in a smaller form factor.
The obvious difference between the Phantom 410 and the original Phantom Big-Tower is the size, as it is intended for ATX, mATX and Mini-ITX motherboards. With a width of 21.5 cm, a height of 52 cm and a depth of 53.2 cm, the Phantom 410 is not only a bit smaller but also a full 9 cm shorter than the bigger Phantom.

Hidden behind the door of the Phantom 410 are thee 5.25 inch slots. In comparison the Phantom offers 5 such bays. Nonetheless, most users will find that the Phantom 410 still offers more than enough bays. On top of that, six screw-less internal 3.5 inch bays, with the ability to install 2.5 inch SSDs in each are also present within the 410 variant,

Each drive rests on separate trays which are to be pulled out from the motherboard side of the chassis, with the connectors facing away of the windowed side as well for a clean interior look. The upper hard drive cage, consisting of four bays, may be pulled out, allowing for graphic cards of up to 40 cm length to be installed. With this bay inside the chassis, there is still enough space for units with up to 30.5 cm.

A unique factor of the Phantom 410 is the ability to install a 120 on he side of the hard drive cage in the interior of the chassis. This does not only improve the air flow across the installed storage devices, but also moves much needed cool air across the graphic cards and motherboard. The fan may be tilted up to 20°, allowing for the air to be directed towards the hottest components within the system. In addition to the three pre-installed fans, the Phantom 410 may take an additional five may be placed within the case to maximize air flow if need be.
The fan speed may be adjusted with the simple but effective controller found on the top of the chassis. Up to four cooling units may be connected to this device, allowing the user to set the performance level easily. In addition to this controller, the Phantom 410 features two USB 3.0 connectivity with an internal 20-pin header along with USB 2.0 and Audio I/O.

Even those wanting to install water cooling setups may do so as the Phantom 410 chassis offers space for a 240 or 280 mm radiator in the ceiling. Additional openings in the rear of the chassis allow for water cooling tubes to be routed out of the enclosure. Even with the compact size, the Phantom 410 still offers an impressive list of features - much like its bigger brother.

The NZXT Phantom 410 Midi-Tower should be available from the 9th of December for a price of 99.90 Euro. exclusively at It will be available in white, black and red.
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white phantom
personally wastes the phantom for me looks like a squeeshed up been sat on by an elephant at the front :laugh: however i like that harddisk cage fan that can swivel, need one of them in the big phantom to steal some of the wasted cool air from the drive area wither it will actually do that who knows
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I'm slightly sad to see NZXT come out with just a smaller version of their last hit. It seems like a while since we last saw an interesting looking case from them...
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I love that NZXT has cut out small holes for front panel I/O connectors and USB 2.0 cable routing near bottom right hand side of motherboard. Nice case.
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I love this case ... and its new feature is fantastic .. extra 120 mm cooler for HDD .. but its shipping to PK is around 170$ .. So i am unable to fulfill my dream of getting this case
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Be nice if they make the usb 2/3.0 part separate so us with the full phantom can switch it out. other then that it looks pretty decent. for some reason the pic of the red case looks fake like a toy. Might be the light and color combo.
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btarunr said:

The NZXT Phantom 410 Midi-Tower should be available from the 9th of December for a price of 99.90 Euro. exclusively at It will be available in white, black and red.
Why can there not be a U.S. release of it?! :(

I'd jump all over getting one of these or the bigger variant w/ USB 3.0 if it were in the u.s.
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[H]@RD5TUFF said:
Any chance of a TPU review ?
What, a second one?
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