Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Pogoplug Launches the Series 4 'Cloud Expansion Device'

Online storage adopters may be interested to know that Pogoplug has just released a new 'cloud expansion device' which allows local storage to be added to an existing Pogoplug cloud.

By default, the Pogoplug Cloud service offers 5 GB of online storage space for free, but the product released today, which is officially called Pogoplug Series 4, can expand available capacity. To do that the user just has to connect the Pogoplug Series 4 to the internet via the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port, and then hook up to the device an external storage solution like a Seagate GoFlex drive, or any other USB-connected HDD/SSD. You can even put in an SD card.

The Pogoplug Series 4 includes one USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, and one 2.5-inch SATA/USM (Universal Storage Module) connector, and is available in the US for $99.95 (+ shipping).
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3 Comments on Pogoplug Launches the Series 4 'Cloud Expansion Device'

I have not even heard of it
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Pogoplug, have never heard of it, it is "cloud BS" so would ignore it even if they pay me to be interested.

Either way how stupid is this, 5gb space online in a unsafe Amazon cloud "hacked cloud" type that you will need to pay for eventually (beta free for now) to loose your data, then pay $99 for a useless box or glorified router without wifi that can vpn to the Pogo cloud and then you have to add a USB or other device to have your data locally stored WTF :banghead:

This is as stupid as sitting on a cactus plant for fun, doing that would be more intelligent than using this product.
Why not just use your old hd in a $20 usb enclosure or $100 per year web/ftp unlimited hosting space and speed.
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