Thursday, December 22nd 2011

Razer Blade Delayed to 2012, Pre-Orders Get Free Razer Orochi Black Edition Mouse

Razer delayed the market release of its much touted Blade 17-inch gaming notebook. Originally slated for Q4 2011, it will now only ship sometime in Q1 2012. This delay is caused due to a last-minute specifications change, of using a 256 GB solid-state drive instead of a 320 GB hard disk drive (original specs). To those looking forward to buying it, Razer apologized for the delay, but to those who already placed orders (pre-orders) for the Blade, Razer announced that it's giving away coupons for a free Razer Orochi Black Edition gaming mouse that will ship with their Blades. Earlier this week, Razer announced a delay in shipments of its Tiamat 7.1 channel gaming headset.

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11 Comments on Razer Blade Delayed to 2012, Pre-Orders Get Free Razer Orochi Black Edition Mouse

Looks awesome, but I don't $5000 on me razer so bah @_@
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Right....because they couldn't last minute buy a few SSDs so they could sell them to the ten people who would actually purchase this.
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Shh, you'll hurt Razer's sales if one of those 10 people cancel ;)
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Looks awesome, from an aesthetics standpoint. But $5000 for the listed specs is ridiculous.
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Razer........ wait for it.................. Blade!!!! ... original :wtf:
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Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!
I read the first part of the title and though "Damn! Gillette is going to be pissed!"
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NdMk2o1o said:
Razer........ wait for it.................. Blade!!!! ... original :wtf:
Hope they don't go all Hasbro on Gillette.
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Probably caused from how some of the prototypes were stolen :roll:
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For whoever buys this, it should come with a free dunce cap.
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I don't think razer has come out with anything worth while since the death adders and copper head mice, even though they have dabbled in a few things sicne then.

I like the looks of their XBOX360 controller rip off, but it's an XBOX 360 design.
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TPU addict
A laptop for $2799.99 and a free mouse is hardly free.
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