Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Tranquil Unveils MMC-12 Media Center PC

British PC maker and specialist with "small and silent PCs", Tranquil, unveiled its latest MMC-12 media center PC that will give your home video player (DVD/Blu-ray player) a run for its money, for in its 1.5-inch tall form-factor, it packs a throbbing Intel Core i3/i5/i7 "Sandy Bridge" processor (buyer chooses model). Its body is milled out of blocks of metal with a satin-textured matte finish. It has a minimalist front-panel with a slot-in optical drive, DVD or Blu-ray (again, buyer chooses). Tranquil didn't give out much more information about the MMC-12. Its previous media center PCs earned quite some praise for their acoustics.

Source: The Verge
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looks bloody nice. depending on the gpu and custom upgradeability, i might buy this.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
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Frick said:
Looks more daniish :roll:

seriously....this looks nice - simple and stylish
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....i7 Wow how do they keep it cool!?
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The looks of this is sweet. Really low profile and blends in well. Not like having a gaudy pc case the size of a entertainment system. Gonna look them up and see whats all in there.
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I'm the only one
That is very nice, gotta love British engineering, and innovation :p

Here's the full spec of a I3 specced one, i am assuming they all use the cpu's gpu.-

Unit dimensions 395 (w) x 225 (d) x 40 (h) incl feet (mm)
Unit construction Aluminium Unibody (typically >70% recycled materials)
System heat sink Fan less cooling of CPU, Southbridge and HDD
CPU Intel i3-2100T
Memory 4GB DDR3 SODIMM 1333MHz - 1 slot free (max 8GB)
HDD 1x 2.5" 13.5mm bay (empty), with 9mm HDD adapter
Optical drive 1x slot loading CD/DVD reader / writer
Colour options Satin Black
Front panel Power switch with integrated power LED (blue ring)
Rear panel 19v DC power in / 2x USB3.0 / 2x USB2.0 / 10.100.1000 LAN port / 1x eSATA
HDMI / DVI / Audio (incl mini Optical SPDIF, needs 3.5" > SPDIF adapter)
Weight Base unit (nett) 8Kg
Power supply External AC/DC with country specific power cord
Working temp Maximum 46’C ambient
Mounting options Desk
Power consumption 19W (incl 1xSSHDD) IDLE
Acoustics 0dBA (incl 1x SSHDD)
Software Windows 7 Home Premium

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Gorgeous, I will seriously consider getting one.
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i would love one of these, but i bet the price is too high
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That's one fine looking bbq pit.....
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Delta6326 said:
....i7 Wow how do they keep it cool!?
They're probably using mobile Core i7 chips.
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Uhhh....only i3 and i5.....no i7 ??? according to tigger´s link
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it is overpriced, some are saying it is $1,000
it doesnt utilize AMD or Nvidia GPU

there are way better options than this for an XBMC box. no thanks
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