Friday, December 30th 2011

University of Technology Sydney Unveils LiquidKeyboard

Computer systems researcher Christian Sax and his colleague Hannes Lau from the University of Technology Sydney, unveiled a new kind of keyboard technology that morphs itself around around the user's fingers, by breaking down the keyboard to chunks of keys that a finger is most likely to hit. This technology ensures faster typing, particularly in touchscreen devices such as tablets. By now you may have guessed that LiquidKeyboard is in fact a virtual-keyboard application, but the concept itself opens up many possibilities. Think of keyboards that are entirely made of touchscreen, coupled with Senseg's revolutionary haptic touchscreen technology. If nothing, this one's going to bag a prize from James O'Loghlin.

A video demo of the LiquidKeyboard follows.

Source: HardwareZone
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4 Comments on University of Technology Sydney Unveils LiquidKeyboard

Vanguard Beta Tester
Now that is some neat ass stuff!! The solution to bad drunken typos is just around the corner. The drunker I get the smarter the keyboard gets to keep up with my poor key presses, BRILLIANT! :roll:
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Someone better hurry and slap a Iron-Clad patent on this,before Apple hears about it!:roll:
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