Monday, January 9th 2012

CyberpowerPC Showcases New Desktop and Notebook PCs at CES

CyberpowerPC Inc., a manufacturer of custom gaming machines, will hit the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at full throttle when it showcases its top-of-the-line Fang III Black Mamba gaming rig; new Xplorer notebooks PCs, and debuts an Intel-powered desktop PCs series based on the new NZXT Switch 810 gaming chassis. CyberpowerPC will also debut new systems that feature AMD's Radeon HD 7970 graphics card, which is PCI express 3.0 ready and is the world's first 28nm GPU.

CyberpowerPC's top-of-the-line Fang III Black Mamba is certain to turn heads at CES. The Black Mamba's performance is maxed with an Intel Sandy Bridge-E i7-3960X CPU and X79 Chipset with quad channel memory support. CyberpowerPC overclocks the CPU an additional 30% with its Venom Boost technology and includes its Advance Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit with all new 480 mm radiator support to keep your Venom Boosted CPU and extreme gaming GPUs cool and running quiet.

The Black Mamba has been refitted with Azza Fusion's 4000 gaming chassis, a revolutionary super tower that can house two systems in a single structure. CyberpowerPC's OC Media Server Station acts as that second independent system and can serve as a real time monitoring and tweaking machine in addition to a home server system for viewing and storing all your digital media. The Black Mamba base price is $4999.

The Fang III series also includes the Rattler, Viper, and Cobra all of which feature new 2nd Generation Intel Extreme Core I processors; PCIe 3.0 motherboard support; liquid cooling; feature-rich gaming cases, and Venom Boost overclocking.

The Consumer Electronic Show also marks the debut of NZXT's Switch 810 Full Tower gaming chassis which will be featured on several of CyberpowerPC's high-performance gaming systems. The NZXT Switch 810 is a hybrid full tower chassis that PC enthusiasts can easily modify for liquid cooling, silent performance, or extreme airflow. You have full control to customize all the features of Switch 810 based upon your preference. It begs to ask the question, "Are you worthy?"

In addition to its classy white color and flexible design, CyberpowerPC gaming systems based on the NZXT Switch 810 have more than enough features and slots to configure your dream gaming system.

Radeon HD 7970 - the First 28nm GPU - Debuts Across CyberpowerPC Gaming PCs

CyberpowerPC will also debut the next evolution of gaming graphics with the integration of the AMD Radeon HD 7970. The introduction of the AMD Radeon 7970 marks the beginning of PCI express 3.0 graphics delivering a smoother high-definition gaming experience. This scorching fast video card will be integrated across all of CyberpowerPC's high-performance gaming systems from the LAN Party EVOs and Fang III series, to the Gamer Xtreme, Gamer Ultra, and more.

The world's first 28nm GPU, according to AMD is ready for DirectX 11 and features all-new support for stereo 3D, universal bezel compensation and brand new display configurations. CyberpowerPC systems based on this new GPU will all support multi-GPU and multi-monitor Eyefinity configurations with AMD CrossFireX technology as well as 4k video and quad HD to give you the graphics horsepower to obliterate the competition with never before seen realism.

All CyberpowerPC gaming systems can be customized with a number of performance hardware and components such as Solid State Drives, Blu-Ray drives, gaming memory, gaming peripherals, business and productivity software, and more at the company website,

All CyberpowerPC computers are assembled in the USA. Every system is meticulously built including precise cable routing to ensure optimal airflow and a clean aesthetic appearance. CyberpowerPC loads every system with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System for an enhanced gaming and multimedia experience. All Xplorer gaming laptops include a 1-year limited warranty and free lifetime phone support. CyberpowerPC desktop gaming systems include an industry-best 3-year limited warranty.

The new 2012 computer lines can be previewed January 10-13 during CES at the CyberpowerPC suite in the Palazzo Las Vegas.
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Black Mamba
which is white ... great logic.
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It's an Albino Black Mamba... it happens.
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which is white ... great logic.
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Venom Boost Technology FTW....:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: I guess if they add some stickers of this mighty Venom Boost stuff, the computer might actually go even faster..add a couple of fangs in there and your upto 700 Ghz in no time.

Man, marketing is really going no where now.:banghead::banghead:
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$4999 starting price ???? uhm okay >_<

What bothers me is that Cyberpower was actually cheap back in the days of AMD64 but now they have their prices up as well. To the extent that they match Alienware to some extent.
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