Monday, January 9th 2012

Koolance Debuts HD7970 Water Cooling Block

Today Koolance quietly debuted its latest fray into the water cooling solutions industry. Its called the Koolance VID-AR797. The Koolance VID-AR797 is a full coverage video block for water cooling AMD Radeon HD 7970 cards in single and multi video card configurations. It utilizes a high-performance microfin (0.5mm) design made of solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating.

Currently the Koolance VID-AR797 is designed for AMD reference layouts only and has an ETA of Jan 16, 2012. No price has yet been given.

Source: Koolance
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3 Comments on Koolance Debuts HD7970 Water Cooling Block

Would like to see what clocks can be reached on this!
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Looks beautiful, and I don't even water cool -----
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Big Member
It is a nice looking block IMO.
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