Monday, January 23rd 2012

Zignum Launches Two Bamboo-made Laptop Coolers

Because of the lignin it contains, bamboo is one of the most stable raw materials available. It offers outstanding strength and durability. And because it is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo is an ideal raw material. This is why Zignum decided to make its new laptop coolers Bamboo One (article number COO-ZGLP-E1-15.BM) and Bamboo Two (COO-ZGLP-E2-15.BM) out of bamboo.

These unique laptop coolers not only have a bamboo look, but are made almost entirely of renewable bamboo, including the fan. Integrated, fold-out supports allow users to adjust the height and angle to their individual requirements. Below the bamboo surface there are one or two 140 mm fans to ensure efficient, low-noise cooling. Both coolers are suitable for laptops of up to 39.6 cm (15.6").

Bamboo One has a surface area of 350 x 313.5 x 62.5 mm (width x length x height) and weighs 1.278 kilograms. Thanks to a high-quality Hydro fan bearing, the built-in 140 mm fan turns at approximately 1000 revolutions per minute and operates at 21 dBA, which is no louder than a rustle or whisper. The Zignum Bamboo One is available now in stores for €39.90.

The Bamboo Two laptop cooler is equipped with two 140 mm fans, ensuring a high rate of airflow, and thus efficient cooling. The laptop cooler has an additional USB port which can be used directly on the cooler, combined with your mobile device. The dimensions of the cooler and bamboo surface are 354 x 292 x 66 mm. The total product weight is 1.248 kilograms. The unit is available in stores now for €49.90.

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~Technological Technocrat~
First Asus makes netbooks out of Bamboo, now Zignum releases Laptop Coolers out of Bamboo - the pandas are gonna raaaaaaaaaaaagggeeee



Oh and for the record - I have never seen bamboo netbook sold in the UK. In fact I havent even seen anyone blog about owning one, all i ever saw was the press release that Asus had made one
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With this you can't be a sad Panda notebook owner anymore :roll:

Jokes apart, I like the idea, could very well integrate itself as a furniture piece :toast:
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got Couple of words to say about this

WOODWORM Dry rot Death watch Beatles
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Did anybody ever think about wood + excessively hot device that needs additional cooling might not be a good idea? What happens if your hypothetical macbook spontaneously ignites your hypothetical, hipster cooler made out of sustainable materials?

Looks pretty though, especially the all-wood one. Would go great with the wood keyboard and mouse from a few weeks ago and an ASUS bamboo-veneered laptop. Until you burst into flames. :laugh:
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Great, because if there's one thing wood excels at, it's heat conductivity... :rolleyes:
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looks like a lawn chair :wtf:
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all the clever energy managemt and laptops get hot???? My 3 year old Core Duo laptop does not! ever! Did they create another "NEED" ?
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