Tuesday, February 7th 2012

Roccat Teases with the Savu Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals major Roccat Studios released a teaser picture of its latest gaming mouse, the Roccat Savu. This mouse is designed to strike a functional balance between that makes it fit for various gaming styles (FPS thru RPG), and a size-balance that makes it perfect for various gripping styles. Entry-level gaming mice already accomplish some of that, but Roccat probably sensed that as you move up the price ladder, gaming mice tend to get more specialized in size and style. The Savu probably converges high-end features (such as a high-resolution sensor, high-quality switches, weight/balance adjustments?) with an balanced design. Roccat will unveil its newest rodent at CeBIT (early March).
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5 Comments on Roccat Teases with the Savu Gaming Mouse

Interesting, price? RAT series have been there, so this will need to be better than that, or at least significantly undercut them.
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Sounds good, I love Roccat drivers. They are the most feature full around, UI is also pretty good.
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The Exiled Airman
So the mouse is good cuz i recall the kone but not much PR on it.
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As a near two year Kone[+] owner, I have just one question:

Will this mouse have the infamous legendary "SHITTY-SCROLL WHEEL-THAT-BREAKS-AFTER-2-MONTHS-OR-SO" feature???

It wouldn't be a Roccat otherwise :shadedshu
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In Estonia "SAVU" means pot! But thats not the topic...:banghead:
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