Thursday, February 9th 2012

Prolimatech Toys with Two New LGA2011 CPU Cooler Designs

Among the sea of tower-type CPU coolers which are the same old tripe packaged and colored differently, few companies are actually investing in innovation, one of them is Prolimatech. The company is working on two new yet-unnamed CPU coolers specifically designed for socket LGA2011 motherboards, one has already taken shape, the other is still in its CGI form.

The first one (first two images below), appears to be an leaner, fitter evolution of the Prolimatech Genesis. While the Genesis uses a dual-independent fin-stack design in which one stack propagates perpendicular to the plane of the motherboard while the other propagates parallel to the plane, on this new design, both stacks propagate parallel to the plane, in opposite directions, and both being dissimilar in size.
Fans are to be strapped onto both stacks, which perform top-flow ventilation. The larger fin stack of the two ideally hovers over the memory area of the motherboard that's east of the socket, while the smaller one over the memory area west of it. It becomes a tight squeeze for things west of the socket, and this is probably why this stack is smaller. Heat is conveyed to the two by six heat-pipes, which pass through the base.

The second cooler (last two images above), has a slightly more exotic shape, in which the heat pipe take three sharp U-turns, in the long-arms of each of these U-turns is an aluminum fin stack, and the CPU base is in the center. Unlike the other cooler design, this cooler has a side-flow ventilation. The aluminum fin stacks don't propagate all the way down, to make room for the memory areas below. As for the ventilation, a single 120 mm fan can be attached in the central portion, more fans can be attached to the aluminum fin stacks at convenient locations. There is no word on when (or if) this design will materialize.
Source: Expreview
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My name is Dave
Woah. Far out. Would love to try!
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could fi some hge ram heatsinks under those
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The first one could be quite weird, unless they're planning on using one 200mm fan? LOL

For the 2nd, 4 FANS SETUP IS POSSIBLE! :laugh:
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Easy Rhino
Linux Advocate
the sammy 17 does an incredible job cooling the q9650 in a tight space. i will buy all the prolimatech products.
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Those 2 pictures on the left show a cooler that is an awesome way to cool the CPU VRM's (MOSFETs are they called, aren't they?) as it seems.
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the two fan one looks terribly efficient at wasting airflow.
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The first one could be quite weird, unless they're planning on using one 200mm fan? LOL
From the looks of things will be 2 x 120 mm with one fan "wasting" a bit of it's airflow.

Should keep VRM area super cool though.
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Makes me want to take my SI-128 out of retirement and mod a backplate to mount it to my 2500k just to see where it stands today.
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nice to see something new and abit different for a cooler.
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The first option look's like a winner, the 2nd look's like it may have compatibility issues with a lot of setup's :o
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Is it me or did they just stick two car radiators to it upside down? :lol:
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
The prototype one looks useless. Look how long the heat pipes are and how little actual surface area there is. I would be shocked if it ever got to stores because I definitely can't see the thermal performance of it being any good.

The first looks decent so long as it doesn't block anything.
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