Thursday, February 16th 2012

Sonomax eers PCS-150 and PCS-250 Earphones Now Available for Preorder

Sonomax Technologies, Inc., is excited to announce that the newest release of eers custom earphones are available for preorder at The innovative new PCS-150 and PCS-250 models are the world's first self-fit custom earbuds and offer amazing proprietary sound signatures and a perfect, comfortable fit.

New features of the eers PCS-150 and PCS-250 custom headphones include:

- A low profile, ergonomically shaped design and ear loop that comfortably cradles the back of the ear, while providing a channel for the wire from the sound source, as well as assisting the user in proper insertion and removal.
- The ability to answer phone calls on a Smartphone through the use of the integrated in-line microphone.
- Entirely redesigned consumer packaging, as well as enhanced single button activation for the SonoFit system, which greatly enhances the ease of use.

"The new models of our innovative custom-fit earphones reinforce our dedication to providing exceptional sound quality and superior comfort, ensuring our customers can enjoy a range of activities without experiencing discomfort or frustration," said Nick Laperle, Sonomax's CEO.

Preorder new eers custom earphones in three simple steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter the requested information and select the eers product to be preordered (PCS-150 or PCS-250).

- PCS-150 ($199.99): Optimally designed for active users or fitness enthusiasts, new PCS-150 eers uses a tuned dynamic speaker that delivers enhanced bass response through bass reflex technology without sacrificing the high-end performance of the speaker.
- PCS-250 ($299.99): Suited for audiophiles and music enthusiasts, new PCS-250 eers provide elite professionals with custom earphones that can be used in any environment, while still delivering an exceptional sound experience through the enhanced dual driver speakers.

3. Once the preorder has been submitted, customers will be notified via email when they can return to the website to finalize their order with payment details.

eers PCS-150 and PCS-250 custom earphones preorders will start shipping on March 1, 2012.
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