Friday, February 17th 2012

Tranquil PC Skinny Ripper Pictured

Skinny Ripper, from the house of British ultra-quiet PC maker Tranquil, is designed to be a music archiving server. In its ultra-slim form-factor, the server is configured to be able to work head-less. It features a slot-in optical drive, and a 1 TB internal hard drive (expandable), and runs an embedded version of Fedora Linux. Insert a CD, and it will automatically fetch tag info from the internet, and rip the music to a format of your choice. It can then also stream the music using the Subsonic streamer application. For a nearly single-function device, the Tranquil Skinny Ripper costs £665.83 ($1,051), more of a jewel for your living-room.
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What the hell is a "CD"? :laugh:
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$1,000+ cost? Someone accidentally add too many 0's to the price? One can build a comparable little box to do this at a complete fraction of the cost and throw DVD/BD ripping (er "archival backup support") in to boot.
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