Thursday, March 8th 2012

New NVIDIA GeForce Logo Pictured

NVIDIA has been using its current GeForce logo since GeForce 8800 GTX, probably with a bit of polishing now and then. Pictured below, is the newest NVIDIA GeForce GTX logo. "GeForce GTX" is going to be NVIDIA's new way of denoting graphics cards for serious gamers, graphics cards starting at ~$150, going all the way up to whatever NVIDIA prices its high-end graphics card at. The new GeForce brand name has all its letters capitalized, as "GEFORCE". The font used has swanky sharp edges. A section of the NVIDIA "eye" is sticking out from the bottom-right. The non-GTX logo could look similar, minus the "GTX", of course.

Source: VR-Zone Chinese
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26 Comments on New NVIDIA GeForce Logo Pictured

I didn't see much change...It says Geforce like the old one, it says GTX like the old one, it says Nvidia like the old one and it has ONLY half of the Nvidia logo not the full logo like on the old one. This sticker is inferior. But TBH I don't give a flying f**k. GIMME GPUUUUSSSS.
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